Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

death 96 occurrences, 75 verses, 78 songs

And after death Thy boundless grace

434 Fillmore

And choose the road to death

203 Florida

And death is ever nigh

348b Fleeting Days

And death is nigh.

213b Warning

And death itself shall die.

409 Promised Day

And in His arms resigned to death

544 Praise Him

And in the victories of Thy death

44 The Converted Thief

And owns, her sovereign — Death!

300 Calvary

And through the vale of death shall bear us

337 Mercy’s Free

And triumph over death and hell

134 The Christian’s Hope

And when from death I’m free

159 Wondrous Love

And when I close my eyes in death

58 Pisgah

And when the night of death comes on

411 Morning Prayer

And where, Oh death, thy sting?

562 Infinite Delight

Broad is the road that leads to death

38b Windham

Burst through the gloomy shades of death

44 The Converted Thief

But soon He’ll break death’s anxious chain

292 Behold the Savior

By fleeting time or conqu’ring death

204 Mission

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

436 Morning Sun

Come life, come death, come, then what will

345t Jesus Is My Friend

Death at the farthest can’t be far

321 Newnan

Death is coming, hell is moving

59 Holy Manna

Death is the gate of endless joy

111b To Die No More

275b Roll On

Death is the gate to endless joy

30b Prospect

Death like a narrow sea divides

289 Greensborough

303 Heavenly Land

392 Manchester

446 Infinite Day

Death, like an overflowing stream

50t Mortality

181 Exit

Death, ’tis a melancholy day

29b Tribulation

419 Melancholy Day

Death will break the sullen gloom

332 Sons of Sorrow

Death your trembling soul will free

494 Big Creek

Den of death, resign thy prey

415 Easter Morn

Fast as ye bring the night of death

121 Florence

177 The Christian’s Flight

Fight on, my soul, till death

372 Rockport

385t Fight On

Fly fearless through death’s iron gate

30b Prospect

111b To Die No More

275b Roll On

380 Lawrenceburg

444 All Saints New

For death eternal waits for you

204 Mission

Hark! Hark! my dear friends, for death hath called me

260 Farewell Anthem

He makes me triumph over death

527 My Life and Breath

He rose, He burst the bars of death

236 Easter Anthem

His blood has entered death’s domain

534 New Georgia

I hope to praise Him after death.

170 Exhilaration

I long to praise Him after death.

544 Praise Him

I soon shall pass the vale of death

170 Exhilaration

If this be death, I soon shall be

122 All Is Well

Is it death, is it death?

122 All Is Well

Must death forever rage and reign?

547 Granville

My life and death attend

475 A Thankful Heart

No pain nor death will we see there

564 Zion

Nor all of death to die.

499 At Rest

Not Jordan’s stream nor death’s cold flood

66 Jordan

289 Greensborough

446 Infinite Day

Of the shadow of death

524 The Twenty-Third Psalm

Oh death! where is thy sting?

245 Claremont

Oh tell me, my soul, is it death

240 Christian Song

Or shake at death’s alarms?

163b China

Peace He brings you by His death

108t Weeping Sinners

Redeemed us oft from death and dread

318 Present Joys

Safe from disease, secure from death?

547 Granville

Save in the death of Christ, my God

447 Wondrous Cross

Say why in the valley of death should I weep

571 Penitence

Sickness and sorrow, pain and death

65 Sweet Prospect

So death will soon disrobe us all

209 Evening Shade

302 Logan

Tell me soul, can this be death?

245 Claremont

That death should yield his ancient reign

562 Infinite Delight

The narrow stream of death.

285t Arnold

The night of death draws near

302 Logan

The night of death is near.

209 Evening Shade

Then ask, “Oh Death, where is thy sting

68t Salem

Though in the paths of death I tread

402 Protection

Through the iron gate of death.

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Till death and glory raise the song.

353 McGraw

Till death shall set me free

349 A Cross for Me

To death’s dark, gloomy shade

37b Liverpool

215 New Topia

Was called by death’s cold hand away.

37t Ester

Waters swell and death and fear

108b The Traveler

Where death hath no sting, since the Savior hath died.

158 Funeral Thought

Which neither life nor death can part

328 Praise God

Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale

558 Living Streams

Yes when my eyes are closed in death

387 Penick