Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

breath 17 occurrences, 14 verses, 15 songs

Ah! what is this drawing my breath

240 Christian Song

And in His arms resign my breath

170 Exhilaration

Drowns my spirit, draws my breath?

245 Claremont

Ere first I drew this vital breath

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

He’ll take thee, at thy parting breath

372 Rockport

385t Fight On

I’ll praise Him while He gives me breath

170 Exhilaration

544 Praise Him

I’ll spend my daily breath.

203 Florida

No chilling winds, or pois’nous breath

65 Sweet Prospect

Oh Breath of life, breathe on my soul!

93 Frozen Heart

Peace He speaks with ev’ry breath

108t Weeping Sinners

Soon we must resign our breath

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Time soon shall stop my fleeting breath

544 Praise Him

To Him I owe my life and breath

527 My Life and Breath

Where is the man that draws his breath

547 Granville