Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

beneath 20 occurrences, 18 verses, 20 songs

And sinners plunged beneath that flood

397 The Fountain

Base as the dirt beneath the feet

71 Leander

Beneath a burning sky

189 Montgomery

Beneath God’s righteous frown

159 Wondrous Love

Beneath the gratitude I owe.

168 Cowper

’Neath the ocean’s briny surf.

410t The Dying Californian

Beneath the sacred throne of God

569b Sacred Throne

Go, search the world beneath

300 Calvary

It plants my soul beneath the sun

337 Mercy’s Free

Long have I sat beneath the sound

278t Love Shall Never Die

My silent dust beneath the ground

83b The Dying Minister

348t Ainslie

570 Farewell to All

No more beneath th’oppressive hand

137 Liberty

Of Him who groans beneath your load

163t Morning

One church above, beneath.

285t Arnold

The billows roll beneath your feet

204 Mission

’Tis found beneath the mercy seat.

470 The Mercy Seat

What help remains beneath the sky?

110 Mount Vernon

When beneath to their darkness the wicked are driv’n

149 The Trumpet