Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

appear 26 occurrences, 19 verses, 26 songs

A palace a toy would appear

127 Green Fields

A thousand radiant marks appear

202 New Lebanon

And antichrist appear

83b The Dying Minister

348t Ainslie

570 Farewell to All

And fiery serpents oft appear

121 Florence

And ranks of corn appear

344 Rainbow

And saved from earth appear

40 Lenox

And wintry days appear.

301 Greenland

Before I at Thy bar appear.

131t Messiah

But God and Christ and heav’n appear

134 The Christian’s Hope

368 Stony Point

How precious did that grace appear

45t New Britain

105 Jewett

In darkest shades if Thou appear

550 Blissful Dawning

My Savior doth not yet appear

270 Confidence

Oh, when will the period appear

384 Panting For Heaven

See the cloud and fire appear

148 Jefferson

The evening shades appear

209 Evening Shade

302 Logan

The happy day will soon appear

421 Sweet Morning

The lovely vernal flow’rs appear

188 Spring

When I appear in yonder cloud

386 Christ Our Song

With that enraptured host t’appear

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

383 Eternal Day