Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

Lo 21 occurrences, 19 verses, 17 songs

But lo! what sudden joys we see!

163t Morning

For lo, the winter is past

254 Rose of Sharon

I beheld, and lo a great multitude

250 Heavenly Vision

Lo! glad I come, and thou, blest Lamb

53 Jerusalem

Lo! glad I come and Thou, dear Lamb

324 North Port

Lo! He sends salvation free

322 Man’s Redemption

Lo, I come, earth can’t contain me

54 The Blessed Lamb

Lo! I faint, I sing, I fall

452 Martin

Lo! th’incarnate God ascended

81t Beach Spring

Lo! it glows with peace and joy.

532 Peace and Joy

Lo! self-moving it drives on its pathway of cloud

149 The Trumpet

Lo! on Thee I cast my care.

452 Martin

Lo! Salem’s daughters weep around

68t Salem

132 Sinner’s Friend

163t Morning

Lo, Sinai’s God is near

35 Saints Bound For Heaven

Lo, the Bridegroom is at hand

495 The Midnight Cry

Lo, the depths of the stone-covered charnel are stirred:

149 The Trumpet

Lo, we lift our longing eyes

139 Elysian

Lo, what a glorious sight appears

299 New Jerusalem

Lo! your Master prostrate lies

81t Beach Spring