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South Yorkshire Singing

Wisewood Methodist Church, Wisewood, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Saturday, February 22, 2020

The annual South Yorkshire All-Day Sacred Harp singing was held at the Wisewood Methodist Church in Sheffield and was called to order by Jacoba Bruneel leading 32t. Ted Brown offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Vicki Elliott 48t; Eimear O’Donovan 72b; Sam Carter 72t; Simon Dumpleton 63; Joyce Smith 59; Richard Mayers 312b; Benny Ross 176b; Tom Sprackland 350; Julie Russell 228; Chris Brown 205; Jan Geerts 431; Hannah Land 475; Ted Brown 97; Joe Vickers 74b; Claire Welford 430; Geoff Grainger 452; Toby Goss 38t; Josh Lant 319; Amy Cutts 318; Matthew Parkinson 403.


The class was brought back to order by Eimear O’Donovan leading 33b (for Lucey Rose Karlsberg). Leaders: Werner Ullah 501; Mike Upton 276; Derek Buckland 417; Karen Willard 542; Steve Brett 316; George Simms 172; Phil Tyler 440; Hannah Land 173; Tom Sprackland 564; Helen Brown 396.

Joe Vickers conducted the lesson for the deceased and for the sick and housebound. He read the following list of names of the deceased: Roberto Cavallar and Irene Antolini—Italy; Jack Nathan and Terry Bamford—London; Sally Lucy—Ilminster; Ron Williams—Gwehelog; Janet Sale—Lincolnshire; Sean Jennings—Hathersage; John Stunnel—Castle Douglas; Wolfgang Neugebauer and Wilfried Huels—Germany; Hughes Albanel—France; Graham Maule—Glasgow; Peter Macdonald—Edinburgh; Stuart Russell—Derbyshire; Peter Wright—Nottingham; Brian Morrisroe—Ireland; Sonny Irwin—Texas, USA; Stephen O’Leary—California, USA; Jean Ayott—Massachusetts, USA; Rozlyn Greene—Alabama, USA; Charlene Wallace, Carole Chapman, and Mildred Patterson—Georgia, USA.

He also read the following list of names of the sick and housebound: Riccarda Zambonoi, Ryan Goodwin, Eddie Morton, John Hopkinson, Curtis Owen, Melanie Hauff, Dave Richardson, Olivia Powell, Kevin Powell, Margaret Gregory, Siân Cheffer, Kevin Gallagher, Kay Blake, David Elliott, Cathy Tyler, Ailbe Hall, Peter Bellingham, Joseph Bellingham, Lin James, Larry Ross, and Barry Rollins. Joe Vickers led 70t for all the above named and closed the lessons with prayer.

Leaders: Richard Mayers 56t; Claire Welford 362; Sam Carter 111b; Julie Russell 178; Geoff Grainger 339; Amy Cutts 209. Grace for the mid-day meal was offered by Eimear O’Donovan.


Mike Upton called the class back together by leading 89. Leaders: Joyce Smith 512; Chris Brown 517; Jacoba Bruneel 212; Werner Ullah 29t; Benny Ross 432; Josh Lant 272; Helen Brown 522; Toby Goss 515; Phil Tyler 442; Matthew Parkinson 460; Karen Willard and Ken Hallock 401; Jan Geerts 399b; Joe Vickers 481; Ted Brown 426t; Vicki Elliott 546; Steve Brett 553; Derek Buckland 170; Simon Dumpleton 330b; George Simms 193; Sam Carter 448t; Claire Welford 68t; Robert Bentall 324; Richard Mayers 195.


The class was brought back to order by Hannah Land leading 133. Leaders: Amy Cutts 332; Geoff Grainger 535; Jan Geerts 335; Joyce Smith 175; Simon Dumpleton 547; Toby Goss 472; Tom Sprackland 492; Karen Willard 388; Robert Bentall 455; Steve Brett 445; Derek Buckland 176t; Matthew Parkinson 341; Julie Russell 47t; Phil Tyler 477; George Simms 378t.

Jacoba Bruneel led 347 as the closing song. Amy Cutts offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Jacoba Bruneel; Secretary—Vicki Elliot