Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Liberty Hill Community House, Barnesville, Georgia

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The 100th session of the South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held on the first Sunday in October. President Oscar McGuire called the class to order leading 59. John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 473, 82t; David Smead 569t, 77b; Helen Bryson 467, 492; Judy Chambless 527, 318; John Plunkett 34t (for Alpha Watson’s sister, Helen Bryson’s sister-in-law, and Wesley Haley), 405; Lisa Bennett 445, 176b; Russ Hanson 163t, 192; Rebecca Over 416, 275t (in memory of Louise Holland); Rosemund Watson 159, 503; Martha Harrell and Taylor McKinley 67, 178. The President appointed Robert Kelley and Bill Hollingsworth to serve as the nominating committee.


Sandra Wilkinson brought the class back to order leading 108t. Leaders: John Hollingsworth 434; Bill Hollingsworth 50b, 91; Robert Chambless 235, 225t; Winfred Kerr 39t, 282; Robert Kelley 86, 68t; Taylor McKinley 63, 171. A motion carried to enter a business session in which the class accepted the Nominating Committee’s recommendation to reelect the following officers: President—Oscar McGuire; Vice President—Sandra Wilkinson; Secretaries—Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg; Treasurer—Helen Bryson; Chaplain—Judy Chambless. Oscar McGuire called for letters from delegates and visitors and petitions for annual singings. The class reviewed and accepted a list of singings to be printed in the convention’s directory. Oscar McGuire called for correspondence from sister associations. Helen Bryson presented the Treasurer’s report for 2018-2019, which the class approved. The business session was closed. Judy Chambless offered grace over the noon meal.


Oscar McGuire opened the afternoon session leading 34b. Leaders: Bert Collins 124, 542; Glenda Collins 100, 101t; Mary Brownlee and John Brownlee 99, 47b. Judy Chambless conducted the memorial lesson, leading 389 for the following sick and shut ins: Agnes Todd, Georgia Anne Corbin, and Charlene Wallace and in memory of the following deceased: Susan Roberts and Robert Rivers—Georgia; Ruth Daniel and Rozlyn Greene—Alabama. Judy Chambless closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 479; Helen Bryson 505; David Smead 573; John Plunkett 276 (for Sharon Hamrick); Lisa Bennett 65; Russ Hanson 384; Rebecca Over and John Hollingsworth 461; Bill Hollingsworth 236; Martha Harrell 489; Rosemund Watson 149; Winfred Kerr 36b; Robert Chambless 122; Robert Kelley 414; Bert Collins 97; Glenda Collins 45t; Mary Brownlee and John Brownlee 200. Announcements were made. Rosemund Watson led 347 as the closing song. Judy Chambless offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Oscar McGuire; Vice President—Sandra Wilkinson; Secretary Pro Tem—David Smead