Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oak Hill Singing and Calhoun County Convention

Oak Hill Baptist Church, Oxford, Alabama

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The annual Sacred Harp singing and Calhoun County Convention was held on the second Sunday in November at Oak Hill Baptist Church. Cecil Roberts called the class to order leading 59. Robert Chambless offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Cecil Roberts 35; Judy Chambless 225t (in honor of Margie Smith), 29t; Charlene Wallace 63, 155; Olivia Kerr 56t, 317; Winfred Kerr 314, 45t; Marilyn Bradley 39t, 39b; David Brodeur 32b, 33t; Jack Nelson 560, 504; Lauren Bock 36b, 423; Rodney Ivey 421, 176t; Reba Windom 313t, 270.


Daniel Williams brought the class back to order leading 401. Leaders: Robert Chambless 66, 145t; Karen Rollins 101t (in honor of B.M. and Margie Smith), 448b; Richard DeLong 295; Cheyenne Ivey 213t, 512; Andy Ditzler 215, 330t; Pearl Guier 303 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard), 32b (in memory of B.J. and Evelyn Harris); Jesse P. Karlsberg 126, 378b; Oscar McGuire 371, 276; Rene Greene 49t, 203; Daniel Williams 418, 74t.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—B.M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Arranging Officer/Secretary—Judy Chambless.


Cecil Roberts brought the class back to order leading 399b. Leaders: Judy Chambless 37b; Richard DeLong 544; Andy Ditzler 345t; Reba Windom 318; Sherrell Cleino 452; Cheyenne Ivey 100; Jesse P. Karlsberg 464.


Cecil Roberts brought the class back to order leading 229. Charlene Wallace led 89. Karen Rollins and The Sacred Harp Publishing Company presented a plaque honoring B.J. and Evelyn Harris for their devotion and service to Sacred Harp music. The Harris’s three daughters were present to receive the plaque. Rodney Ivey led 503 (in memory of B.J. Harris) and 47t (in memory of Evelyn Harris).

Leaders: Lauren Bock 186; David Brodeur 53; Oscar McGuire 515; Jack Nelson and Daniel Williams 165; Rene Greene 192; Rodney Ivey 448t (in honor of the Wootten family); Robert Chambless 31b; Winfred Kerr 146; Karen Rollins 347; Daniel Williams 48t; Ruth Daniel 378t; Sherrell Cleino 335.

After announcements, Cecil Roberts led 46 as the closing song. Daniel Williams offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—B.M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Secretary—Judy Chambless