Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Denney Memorial

Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church, Carrollton, Georgia

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Denney Memorial was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in November at Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church near Carrollton, Georgia. The class was called to order by Phillip Denney who offered prayer.

Leaders: Phillip Denney 40, 73t; Bernard Denney 46, 155, 159; Karen Rollins 32t, 373; Richard DeLong 47t, 49b, 339; Jerry Creason 56b, 178, 503.

A business session was held. The Chairman noted that several singers had suggested that it might be better to consolidate the two singings at Emmaus (the May Singing and the Denney Memorial). He asked for discussion, and several singers and listeners spoke. The consensus was that one singing is enough. Lonnie Rogers made the motion to condense the two singings into one to be held on the Saturday before the first Sunday in November. Bernard Denney seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous. Starting time was set at 10 A.M.

The following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Tony Hammock; Vice Chairman—Phillip Denney; Secretary—Karen Rollins. Charlene Wallace agreed to serve as the Arranging Committee. The business session ended.


Tony Hammock called the class to order by leading 166. Leaders: Denney Rogers 100, 318; Paige Harrod 112, 460; John Plunkett 38t, 523; Eris Muse 340, 61; Lonnie Rogers 33b, 186; Aldo Ceresa 39t, 430, 272; Jesse Karlsberg 317, 422, 417; Mary Jo Shafer 335, 229.


Tony Hammock led 60 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Roy Nelson 128, 283; Evelyn Harris 400, 378t; Jeff Sheppard 322, 332, 39b (for Shelbie Sheppard); Cecil Roberts 285t, 303; Hugh McGraw 185; Laura Frey 163b, 358; Jerry Creason and Ann Sibole 313b, 50t; Charlene Wallace 208, 267; Richard DeLong 349, 395; Roy Nelson 434; Aldo Ceresa 380, 396; Jesse Karlsberg 506, 411; John Plunkett 464; Mary Jo Shafer 569t; Jeff Sheppard 571; Cecil Roberts 30b; Phillip Denney 313t, 84 (for Felton Denney, Josephine Denney, and Jimmie Denney).

Announcements were made. Tony Hammock led 56t as the closing song. Lonnie Rogers offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tony Hammock; Vice-Chairman—Phillip Denney; Secretary—Karen Rollins