Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Louisiana State University Sacred Harp Singing

St. Alban’s Chapel, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Saturday, February 26, 2000

Bill Hogan called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading song on age 33b. Wallace McKenzie offered the opening prayer.

Jim Fields taught a singing school, and ended his instructions by leading song on page 117.

Leaders: Brad Pope 569b; Wallace McKenzie 155; Nancy Van Den Akker 347; Bill Hogan 391; Wanda Gregg 63; Will Austin 99; Virginia Fields 45t; Elizabeth Muhleisen 480 (in honor of John Hocutt’s approaching birthday); Bradley White 312b; A.E. Probst 66; Regina Foster 365; Georgia Kanode 358; Matt Stowe 128; John Kanode 314; Jim Fields 315; Christie Smith 471b; Jeff Corbett 345b; Susan Mitchell 59; Brad Pope 198. Wallace McKenzie led the blessing before lunch.


Bill Hogan called the class back to order leading song on page 53.

Officers were elected: Chairman—Brad Pope; Vice Chairman—Wallace McKenzie; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker.

Leaders: Jung Hea Bail 30t; Charles Franklin 176t; Will Austin 361; Wallace McKenzie 268; Nancy Van Den Akker 454; Wanda Gregg 460; Virginia Fields 68b; Elizabeth Muhleisen 384; A.E. Probst 178; Julie Ashton 57; Susan Spillman 159; Regina Foster 297; Georgia Kanode 348b; John Kanode 49t; Jeff Corbett 81t; Susan Mitchell 60; Charles Franklin 475; Brad Pope 236; Will Austin 146; Jim Fields 55; Bill Hogan 147t, 269; Wanda Gregg 40; John Kanode 41; Jeff Corbett 95b; Elizabeth Muhleisen 270; Bill Hogan 207; Brad Pope 32b; Regina Foster 163b.

Brad Pope led song on page 56t as the closing song. Bill Hogan dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Brad Pope; Vice Chairman—Wallace McKenzie; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker.