Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Wootten New Year’s Eve Singing

Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama

December 31, 1999-January 1, 2000

The thirty-eighth session of the annual Wootten New Year’s Eve Singing was held at Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama, and was called to order by Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten leading songs on pages 82t, 76b, and 48t.

Jeffrey Wootten welcomed everyone, and prayer was offered by Billy Ray Killen. Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten led songs on pages 201 and 421. Leaders: Terry Wootten 283, 422; Jeff Sheppard 335, 439; David Ivey 83b; Louis Hughes 378b (for Bill Green); Jerry Wootten 448t; Heath Townson 28t, 68b; Dewayne Wootten 28b, 571 (CB); Shane Wootten 53; Shane Wootten and Donna Wootten 74b; Marlon Wootten 376.


The class was brought to order by Marty Wootten leading song on page 108t. Leaders: Marty Wootten and David Lee 101t, 121; Levon Wootten 128; Olivia Allen 572 (CB); David Townson and Hunter Townson 45t, 348b; Loyd Ivey and Karen Ivey 540 (CB), 454; Eloise Wootten 186; Phil Townson, Denette Townson, Raven Townson, and Dani Townson “Mercy Seat”, 559 (CB); Aaron Wootten 144; Gerald Wootten, Jeremy Wootten, Zach Wootten, Jerry Wootten, and Christie Wootten 282; Cathy Lee 39t; Myra Dalton 48b; Brenda Merritt and John Merritt 192, 38t (CB); Kristie Wootten, Jenny Wootten, Lorrie Wootten, and Kennedy Wootten 573 (CB), 66; Linda Thomas and Cassie Franklin 475; Shelbie Sheppard 38b; Betty Wright 405; Rodney Ivey and Don Bowen 270, “Trusting” (WB).


Jeffrey Wootten brought the class to order leading songs on pages 47t and 543 (for Phillip Wootten). Leaders: Allison Dodson 335; Linda Sides and Coy Ivey 384, 480; Henry Schuman 318; Nate Green and Norma Green 205; John Plunkett 495; Larry Beveridge 32t; Syble Adams 367 (CB); Scott Swanton 35; Tommie Spurlock 452; Boyd Scott 127, 358; Aubrey Barfield 365; Marilyn Burchett 29t; Sandie Scott 130; Martha Henderson 73t, 383; Edith Tate 532 (for Marie Aldridge); Margaret Spurlock 112; Flarce Creel, Cindy Franklin, and Ann Jett 269; Mary Ruth Stiefel 234; Rayford Brown, Vicky Brown, and Kennedy Wootten 147t, 505 (CB), 571 (CB); Terry Wootten 518 (CB), 515 (CB) . . . HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! . . . 484b (CB), 159, and 54t (CB).

Levon Wootten dismissed the class with prayer, and those who wished continued with singing.

Chairmen—Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten; Secretary—Shelbie Sheppard.