Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Fox Valley Folk Festival Singing

Island Park, Geneva, Illinois

September 5, 1999

The class was called together at 11:00 a.m. by Marcia Johnson leading song on page 32t. In the absence of any outgoing officers, Marcia Johnson organized the class by appointing Mark Miller as Arranging Committee and Jim Swanson as Secretary.

Leaders: Mark Miller 350; Jim Swanson 40; Jim Page 272; Doug Stapleton 127; Herb Schroeder 36b; Al Frank 159; Valerie Dunagan 475; Marcia Johnson 340; Karen Freund 171; Jim Caldwell 143; Lissa Blood 123b; David Barford 85; Debbie Barford 368; Lisa Grayson 278 (t? b?); Nathan Barford 346; Julie Vea 31t; Orwin Youngquist 107; Johanna Fabke 273; Helen Thomas 49t; Ted Johnson 269; Melanie Hauff 216.

Immediately preceding lunch, Jerry Enright gave a short introduction to the tradition.


Marcia Johnson reconvened the class at 12:45 p.m. leading song on page 97. A short business meeting ensued in which Jerry Enright was elected Chairman and Lissa Blood as Vice Chairperson.

Jerry Enright led song on page 30 (t? b?). Leaders: Kate Lingley 327; Connie Karduck 218; Sue Kessel 455; Kris Richardson 155 (in memory of Gerry Armstrong); Jim Lowry 200; Kiri Miller 146 (by request); Dean Slaton 192; Ted Mercer 142; Suzanne Flandreau 45t (by request); Judy Hauff 528; Bruce Holmes 47t; Cathryn Baker 128; Dick Dunagan 335; May 172b; Jim Page 193; Julie Vea 378b; “Happy Birthday” to Julie Vea; Johanna Fabke 441; Mark Miller and Bill Cargill 56b; Jim Swanson 384; Herb Schroeder 183; Al Frank 362; David Barford 209; Jim Caldwell 299; Marcia Johnson, Ted Johnson, and Helen Thomas 448t; Karen Freund 42; Sue Kessel 260 (in memory of Gerry Armstrong); Lissa Blood 480.

Announcements of upcoming singings were made. Jerry Enright and Lissa Blood led song on page 46 as the closing song. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jerry Enright; Vice Chairperson—Lissa Blood; Secretary—Mark Miller.