Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Calhoun County Convention

Mount Herman, Vardaman, Mississippi

Saturday, August 13, 2022

The 144th annual session of the Calhoun County Musical Association convened at Mount Herman Primitive Baptist Church near Vardaman, Mississippi. President Drew McGuire called the class to order by leading the song on page 34b. Earl Ballinger led the morning prayer. The President led 30t.

Leaders: Warren Steel 179, 53; John Van Horn 137, 47b; Kim Funderburk 119; Will McGuire 181, 313t; Louise Yeager 480, 100; Tom Booth 123t, 204; Earl Ballinger 217, 349; Charlie McGuire 378t, 275t; Mark Davis 56b, 542; Linda Booth 222, 350.


Henry McGuire called the class together leading 505 (WB) and 487t (WB). Leaders: Chris Ballinger 111b, 512; Regina Derstine 337, 32t; Margaret Keeton 402, 422; Larry Ballinger 428, 328; Lisa Geist 527, 528; Drew McGuire 318, 315; Warren Steel 375, 352; John Van Horn 63, 108b; Tom Booth 517 (WB); Kim Funderburk 45t, 108t; Louise Yeager 503, 61; Linda Booth 64.


After a plentiful and delicious lunch, President Drew McGuire restored order and led 129. Leaders: Mark Davis 270, 460; Regina Derstine 208, 220; Henry McGuire 480b (WB), 492 (WB); Mark Davis 480 (WB); Charlie McGuire and Audrey Whitten 317; Will McGuire 267t (WB), 488b (WB); Chris Ballinger 478t (WB), 511 (WB); Larry Ballinger 328 (WB), 540 (WB); Warren Steel 436t (WB); Lisa Geist 495 (WB).

In a business session, Drew McGuire was retained as President, and Warren Steel was appointed Secretary/Treasurer. The Executive Committee thanked the people of Mount Herman for their hospitality, and reported that the Association agreed to meet again at a location to be determined in 2023 with a start time of 10:00 a.m. Monies were collected for the day, to be dispersed as directed by the Executive Committee. A separate contribution was raised for Mount Herman Primitive Baptist Church. It was announced that the State Convention would be the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in August at Antioch Church, Scott County. A singing will also be held at Taylor United Methodist Church in Lafayette County on Saturday before the second Sunday in October.

Following announcements, the day of singing was closed by Drew McGuire leading 56t as the closing song. Earl Ballinger dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Drew McGuire; Secretary/Treasurer—Warren Steel