Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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East Midlands Sacred Harp Singing

Kegworth Village Hall, Kegworth, Derby, United Kingdom

Saturday April 23, 2022

Hannah Land called the class to order by leading 30t (CB). Jonathon Stanyon offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joe Vickers 49b; Joyce Smith 32t; Tom Sprackland 207; Derek Buckland 95; Joshua Lant 423; Steve Brett 42 (CB); Jacoba Bruneel 380b (CB); George Simms 393 (CB); Matthew Parkinson 87 (CB); Joe Jones 372; Rosalind Oldham 84; Mike Upton (Mika) 39t; Claire Welford 505 (CB); Sam Carter 30b.


Thomas Sprackland reconvened the class leading 29t. Leaders: Joy Spreadborough 63; George Simms 111b (CB); Joe Jones 354b; Leilai Immel-Parkinson100; Joe Vickers 114; Emily Verrier 270; Jacoba Bruneel 500; Steve Brett 192; Phoebe Palloth 378t; Matthew Parkinson 511t (CB); Sam Carter 522; Joyce Smith 330t; Joshua Lant 210 (CB); Claire Welford 133 (CB); Mike Upton (Mika) 276; Hannah Land 236 (for Claire Singleton); Derek Buckland 131t; Rosalind Oldham 127.


Mick Verrier brought the class to order leading 107. Leaders: Matthew Parkinson 460; Thomas Sprackland 475; Leila Immel-Parkinson 108b; George Simms 572 (CB); Vicki Elliott 140 (CB); Jacoba Bruneel 330b.

Joe Vickers gave the memorial lesson leading 138b for the following sick and housebound: Werner Ullah and Janet Steggles, and in memory of Trish Stadward, Larry Gordon, RĂ¼diger Forster, Martin Williams, Rebecca Over, and Coy Ivey. The lesson was closed with prayer offered by Joe Vickers.

Leaders: Hannah Land 465 (CB); Steve Brett 77t; Claire Welford 501. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Rosalind Oldham.


Joshua Lant called the class together by leading 203. Leaders: Vicki Elliott 411; Terry Holt 47b; Emily Verrier 89; Ed Johnson-Williams 302; Derek Buckland 206; Erin Johnson-Williams 340; Ian West 573 (CB); Joyce Smith 404 (CB); Mick Verrier 383; Joe Jones 477; Joy Spreadborough 154; Sam Carter 271t (CB); Leilai Immel-Parkinson 33b; Steve Brett 522 (CB); Mike Upton (Mika) 42; Claire Welford 217; George Simms 95b (CB).


Vicki Elliot brought the class to order leading 34b. Leaders: Matthew Parkinson 101b; Erin Johnson-Williams 411 (CB); Tom Greig 378b; Ed Johnson-Williams 35 (CB); Julie Russell 178; Ian West 105; Joe Jones 417; Joe Vickers 37b; Lelai Immel-Parkinson 61; Joshua Lant 428; Hannah Land 436; Tom Sprackland 416; Derek Buckland 278t; Jacoba Bruneel 56b; Joy Spreadborough 452.


Mike Upton brought the class to order leading 448b. Leaders: Mick Verrier 42; Joyce Smith 536 (CB); Tom Grieg 38b; Vicki Elliott 542; Erin Johnson-Williams 67; Ian West 98 (CB); Sam Carter 587 (CB); Emily Verrier 287; Claire Welford 440.

Hannah Land led 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Joe Jones, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Hannah Land; Secretaries—Joy Spreadborough, Anna Baldini, and Angela Stanyon