Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Not-Quite New Haven Not-Quite All-Day Singing

Guilford, Connecticut

Sunday, April 17, 2022

As the Covid-19 pandemic rendered Connecticut Hall in New Haven unavailable for a third year, nineteen singers from five states (CT, MA, NJ, PA, TX) assembled to mark the date at a private residence in Guilford.

Ian Quinn called the class to order leading 38t. Leaders: Gwen Gethner 47t; Charles Biada 39t; Pippa Stoddard 30t; Lynda Paul 159; Keillor Mose 32t; Erin Fulton 32b; Charlie Urban-Mead 287; Rachel Hall 60; Hayden Arp 37b; Ian Quinn 39b; Gwen Gethner 171.


Charles Biada called the class to order leading 111t. The arranging committee convened a business meeting, and with the blessing of the chairpersons, dissolved itself in favor of passing the call clockwise about the square. Leaders: Erin Fulton 204; Gwen Gethner 111b; Rachel Hall 355; Charlie Urban-Mead 270; Lynda Paul 31t; Keillor Mose 61; Pippa Stoddard 89; Ian Quinn 36t; Nathalie Levine 30b; Charles Biada 381; Erin Fulton 271t; Gwen Gethner 35; Rachel Hall 318; Danielle Peterson 268; Charlie Urban-Mead 122; Lynda Paul 504. Expressions of joy and gratitude were shared, and the class dismissed for lunch.


Keillor Mose called the class to order leading 274b. Leaders: Pippa Stoddard 157; Gwen Gethner 411; Hayden Arp 284; Charles Biada 460; Erin Fulton 440; Anna Rose Gable 207; Rachel Hall 498; Nathalie Levine 448t; Lynda Paul 186; Pippa Stoddard 187; Keillor Mose 402; Gwen Gethner 441; Hayden Arp 434; Ian Quinn 377.


Erin Fulton called the class to order leading 152. Leaders: Anna Rose Gable 236; Nathalie Levine 76b; Rachel Hall 213t; Charles Biada 349; Lynda Paul 162; Keillor Mose 432; Pippa Stoddard 447; Gwen Gethner 133; Hayden Arp 216, 342; Nathalie Levine and Charles Biada 480. Ian Quinn, Gwen Gethner, and Charles Biada led 62, and the class took the parting hand.

Chairpersons—Ian Quinn, Gwen Gethner; Secretary—Charles Biada