Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Southern California Regional Singing

San Pedro, California

Saturday, May 20, 1995

The third annual Southern California Regional Sacred Harp Singing met on Saturday, May 20, 1995, before the third Sunday in May. The singing was called to order by Jerry Schreiber leading 30t. Susan Turpin led the song on page 33b and offered the opening prayer: O God, our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, we thank You for gathering us together today from far and wide. We lift our hearts to you as we lift our voices to sing your praise. We ask you now to give us your blessing. We ask the Holy Spirit to come down and be with us in our singing today. Help us to recognize Your presence in the meeting of eyes and voices around the square. Fill the hollow in our hearts with the Spirit of Love as together with You we fill the hollow square with sweet harmony. Amen. Leaders: Jerry Schreiber 34b, 35; Delbert Long 145t, 551; Rick Russell 99, 203; Betty Herman 56b, 421; Steven Levine 350, 515b; Laura Boyd 428, 270.


Delbert Long brought the class together leading the song on page 107. Leaders: Linda Booth 143, 300; Tom Ostwald 268, 269; Marc Weyl 178, 59; Janet Herman 216, 217. The class was organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Delbert Long; Vice Chairman—Carla Smith; Secretary—Rick Russell; Arranging Committee—Carla Smith; Memorial Committee—Carla Smith; Finance Committee—Rick Russell. Leaders: Delbert Long 110; Carla Smith 352, 567; Rick Russell 280; Jean Olson 128, 318.


Carla Smith brought the class together leading the song on page 40. Leaders: Susan Turpin 160b, 100; Ron Huss 54, 311; Catherine Callahan 159, 209; Jon Rand 385 (t? b?), 404; Janice Hecksel 63, 47 (t? b?); Natalie Hall 532, 198; Jerry Schreiber 66; Pam Munro 155, 45 (t? b?). Susan Turpin offered the grace before lunch: God our Father, provider of all good things for Your children, God our Mother, nourisher of our souls. Thank You for the food we are about to receive. Thank You for the fellowship we are about to share. Open our hearts to share with one another in care and understanding, and give us a spirit to be mindful of the needs of others. Amen.


Steven Levine brought the class together leading the song on page 46. Leaders: Terry Swart 159, 361; Marshall Harshberger 69 (t? b?); Rick Russell 236; Delbert Long 95b; Betty Herman 440; Steven Levine 503b; Laura Boyd 156; Linda Booth 436; Tom Ostwald 504; Stephen O’Leary 52t, 192; Mary Rose O’Leary 410t, 411. A memorial lesson was held. Carla Smith led the song on page 285 (t? b?) in memory of the following loved ones who have passed away: Jake Lunsford, Ted Godsey, Lessie Cates, Aurther Weyl, Jr., Janet D’Amore, Perry Chansler, Oscar Street, Bertha Farson, Wayne Finkleman, Richard Schissler, Dorinda Edgington. Mary Rose O’Leary led 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: Peter Rydell, Jim Harder. Susan Turpin closed the memorial lesson with a prayer: Lord of life and our hope at the last, we commit into Your care those who have gone before us. Receive them into the arms of Your grace. As they live in our hearts and we are aware of their surrounding cloud of witness, assure us that You are indeed the Lord of Life.


Jon Rand brought the class together leading the song on page 77 (t? b?). Mary Rose O’Leary presented a copy of “The Sacred Harp” to Jane Bledsoe, to thank her on behalf of the class for the use of the fine singing room. Mary Rose O’Leary and Jane Bledsoe then led the song on page 29b. Leaders: Janet Herman 163t; Marc Weyl 122; Jerry Schreiber 383; Pam Munro 106; Susan Turpin 497; Ron Huss 151; Catherine Callahan 457; Anne Friend 89; Jon Rand 201b; Terry Swart 43; Natalie Hall 191; Stephen O’Leary 260; Jose Carvajal 324; Mary Rose O’Leary 276. The Finance Committee reported that expenses were met. The Resolutions Committee offered thanks to those people who worked hard to make the Regional Singing a success. Special thanks were given to Laura Boyd and Rick Russell for finding the fine singing room and handling all the arrangements for the singing. Steven Levine then led the song on page 373. Delbert Long led 163b, to close the singing. Delbert Long and Carla Smith led 62 as all who wished took the parting hand. Susan Turpin offered the closing prayer: Let us take a moment of silence to listen to the music still ringing in the silence. Lord, we thank You for this taste—this reflection of the music that is always in Your Presence. Help us to recall this awareness we have now in times of need and in times of joy. Give us the intention to share the Spirit of Love we have experienced here in this music with all whose lives are intertwined with ours. And now, O Lord, as we return to our daily lives, guard us safely home ‘til parting shall be no more. Amen.

Chairman—Delbert Long; Vice Chairman—Carla Smith; Secretary—Rick Russell.