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Isaac Watts Day Singing

Robert Emmet Community Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The class was called to order by Dermot Peel leading 171. Welcome and introductory remarks were made by Dermot Peel.

Leaders: Kevin Kennedy 68t; Silvia Da Rocha 313t; Niamh Madigan 49b; Sinead Hanrahan 52t; Aislinn Ahern 48t; Ailish McMahon 26; Dermot Murray 313b; Seamus Murray 326; Ewa Lichnerowicz 180; Claire Lacombe 300; Delia Dattilo 348b; Althea Willette 472; Eimear Cradock 47t; Desmond O’Flynn 192; Amanda Parkes 306; Steph Malpass 436; Mike Morrisroe 377; Dermot Peel 228; Kevin Kennedy 309; Silvia Da Rocha 351; Steph Malpass 505.


The class was called to order by Sinead Hanrahan leading 315. Leaders: Desmond O’Flynn 178; Aislinn Ahern 182; Ailish McMahon 74t; Dermot Murray 31b; Ewa Lichnerowicz 71; Claire Lacombe 163b; Niamh Madigan 464; Eimear Cradock 162; Mike Morrisroe 272; Dermot Peel 86; Kevin Kennedy 375; Silvia Da Rocha 163t; Steph Malpass 142; Aislinn Ahern 546; Ewa Lichnerowicz 132.

An additional five songs featuring lyrics by Isaac Watts from alternative sources were led by Sinead Hanrahan, Amanda Parkes, Ailish McMahon, Niamh Madigan, Althea Willette.

Dermot Peel made closing announcements, and thanked all those involved in organising the event, and everyone for attending. Particular thanks given to Steve Fletcher and Martin Williams who provided us with an alternative verse packet, which was used to supplement songs from The Sacred Harp throughout the afternoon. Eimear Cradock led 217 to close and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Dermot Peel; Secretary—Niamh Madigan