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Tri-County Sacred Harp Singing

First Presbyterian Church, Wetumpka, Alabama

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The 12th annual Tri-County Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in November beginning at 9:30 a.m. The singing used The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition and The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

Bill Hogan began the singing day by leading 53 and 114. He made welcoming remarks, and Tim Taylor offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Judy Chambless 565; Danny Creel 564; Robert Chambless 70t; Tim Taylor 474; Ann Riley 186; Hubert Nall 566; Gary Padgett 377; Jack Nelson 318 (in memory of his sister, Betty Culver); Jim Carnes 475; Alice Sundberg 106; Frank Strickland 292; Karen Clark 234; Nancy Hogan 178; Ken Sundberg 544; Chip Westbrook 45t; Tommy Spurlock 430; Jim Aaron 448t.


Rocky Twilley, Haley Aaron, and Bill Hogan brought the class together leading 404 (CB). Leaders: Wayne Jones 464 (CB) (in honor of family members sick and in the hospital); Stanley Smith 497 (CB) (in memory of Aubrey Barfield); Wynette Smith 49b (CB); Steve Grauberger 417 (CB); Regina Derstine 225t (CB); Jamie Kelly 140 (CB); Price Watson, Joey Willett, and Sarah Hunt 306 (CB); Joey Willett 159 (CB); Russ Scholz 196 (CB); Reba Windom 572 (CB); Ken Kelley 522 (CB); Pam Nunn 222 (CB); Will Kelley 348t (CB); Marion Patrick 358 (CB); Jim Aaron 47b (CB); Robert Chambless 440b (CB) (in memory of Charlene Wallace); Danny Creel 54t (CB); Tim Taylor 277 (CB) (for his sister, Darlu Nall); Ann Riley 276 (CB); Hubert Nall 168 (CB); Gary Padgett 174 (CB); Jack Nelson 514 (CB); Jim Carnes 411 (CB); Alice Sundberg 100 (CB); Frank Strickland 145b (CB); Karen Clark 520 (CB). The class sang 369 (CB), and Hubert Nall asked God’s blessings for our noon meal.


Bill Hogan led 96 (CB). Leaders: Ken Sundberg 536 (CB); Chip Westbrook 513t (CB); Ken Kelley 86 (CB); Wayne Jones 504t (CB); Mary Huffman 38t (CB); Nancy Hogan 393 (CB); Stephen Huffman 45b (CB); Stanley Smith 210 (CB); Jamie Kelley 492 (CB); Wynette Smith 32t (CB); Will Kelley 392 (CB). The class took a brief break to change books. Leaders: Pam Nunn 155; Reba Windom 192; Stephen Huffman 365; Regina Derstine 220; Steve Grauberger 87; Price Watson 207; Mary Huffman and Haley Aaron 272; Tommy Spurlock 112 (for Margaret Spurlock); Danny Creel 480 (in memory of Ruth Wyers).

Announcements were made. Bill and Nancy Hogan led 330b as the closing song, and then led the class in the Lord’s Prayer to close the singing.

Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—Stanley Smith; Secretaries—Judy Chambless and Nancy Hogan