Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Manchester Singing

Birch Community Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The first Manchester Sacred Harp singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in November at Birch Community Centre. The class was called to order by Calum Woods leading 49b. The opening prayer was given by Hannah Land. Leaders: Josh Lant 171; Mike Upton 448b; Thomas Sprackland 278b; Helen Brown 77b (in memory of Charlene Wallace); Sam Carter 32b; Emily Verrier 30t; Judy Whiting 441 (for Curtis Owen); Josh Lant and Sian Lant 38b; Francis Gaskin 39b; Steve Brett 317; Fred Langridge 34b; Vicki Elliott 542; Matthew Mason 354t; Bridget McVennon Morgan 472; Chris Brown 430; Joan Gordon and Liz Eve 178; Teresa Maguire 512; Joyce Smith 166; Tom Cameron 547; Geoff Grainger 452; Matthew Parkinson 108b; Richard Mayers 107; Samuel Turner 83b; Liz Lawson 66.


The class was called back together by Josh Lant leading 102. Leaders: Eimear O’Donovan 48b; Derek Buckland 326; Hannah Land 392; Michael Walker 297; Kate Kirwan 182; Desmond O’Flynn 99; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 56b; Jan Geerts 195; Rachel Wemyss 378b; Nattie Mayer-Hutchings and Calum Woods 254; Jacoba Bruneel 196; Toby Goss 127; Claire O’Flynn 457 (for Cecilia O’Flynn); Ted Brown 187; John Sprackland 86; Susannah Gill 154 (for David Stevenson); George Simms 318; Ruth Holman 63; Rosalind Woods 344; Werner Ullah 538; Fred Langridge 481; Teresa Maguire 506. Rosalind Woods asked a blessing before the midday meal.


The class was called back together by Ted Brown leading 176b. Leaders: Sam Carter 528; Richard Mayers 189; Steve Brett 500; Thomas Sprackland 222; Hannah Land 436 (for Jo Kay on her birthday); Kate Kirwan 532; Derek Buckland 131t; Joyce Smith 480; Michael Walker 369 (in memory of Charlene Wallace and Hugh McGraw); Jan Geerts 556; Meg Winter 49t; Vicki Elliott 411; Calum Woods 379; Desmond O’Flynn 268; Emily Verrier 84; Toby Goss 479; Judy Whiting 186; Francis Gaskin 76b; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 153; Susannah Gill 82b; Ruth Holman 335; George Simms 477.


The class was called back together by Mike Upton leading 89. Leaders: Jacoba Bruneel 180; Samuel Turner 360; Helen Brown 309; Rachel Wemyss 124; Claire O’Flynn 361; Robert Bentall 324; Werner Ullah 278t; Matthew Parkinson 348b; Rosalind Woods 163t; Steve Brett, Kim Ward, and Challoner Zon 448t; Tom Cameron 47b; Sian Lant 396; Joan Gordon 143; Bridget McVennon Morgan 70b; Matthew Mason 47t; Geoff Grainger 339; Eimear O’Donovan 535.

Sian Lant gave the Secretary’s report, having counted seventy-six singers in attendance from the UK, Ireland, and Germany, of which fifty leaders sang ninety songs in total. The Treasurer, John Sprackland, thanked the class for their generosity in meeting all expenses for the running of the singing. Announcements were made. The Chairman gave special thanks to officers and all who had contributed to the singing. The day was concluded by Calum Woods and Mike Upton leading 267. Ted Brown offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Calum Woods; Vice Chairman—Mike Upton; Secretary—Sian Lant