Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rumsey Sacred Harp Singing

Rumsey Town Hall, Rumsey, California

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Rumsey All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in September at the Rumsey Town Hall in Rumsey, California. Pat Coghlan called the class to order leading 52t. Aisha Morgan offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Mark Godfrey 34b; Leigh Cooper 31t; Aisha Morgan 39t; Maggie Zhou 38b; Wren Hyde 102; Lena Strayhorn 440; Greg Freed 84; Hannah Blair 384; Annalise Veliz 99; Gretchen Muller 503; Kate Fine 527 (for Jennifer Jones); Esteban Veliz 171; Jeannette Ralston 340; Dave Barber 125; Erika Wilson 399b; Emily Ross 318; Linda Berkemeier 31b; Dave Davidson-Methot 127; Lindy Groening 36t.


Maggie Zhou called the class back to order leading 129. Leaders: Rebecca Edwards 30b; Lizzie Sanders 81t; Dave Barber 263; Lena Strayhorn 440; Annalise Veliz and Esteban Veliz 36b; Alex Cotton 350; Linda Selph 456; Joel Chan 216; Leigh Cooper 470 (for Charlene Wallace); Pat Coghlan 299; Hannah Blair 504; Kate Fine 362; Jeannette Ralston 433; Emily Ross 126; Linda Berkemeier 290; Mark Godfrey 215; Dave Davidson-Methot 313b. Aisha Morgan offered the prayer before the noon meal.


Erika Wilson called the class back to order leading 47t. Leaders: Joel Chan 46; Lizzie Sanders 47b; Lindy Groening 110; Rebecca Edwards 197; Linda Selph 396; Maggie Zhou 522; Linda Berkemeier 148; Emily Ross 217; Wren Hyde 406; Aisha Morgan 277; Kate Fine and Greg Freed 532; Sumie Zook 178; Jeannette Ralston 379; Esteban Veliz 203; Alex Cotton 468; Gretchen Muller 40; Dave Barber 112; Annalise Veliz 328; Lena Strayhorn 326; Dave Davidson-Methot 48b.


Wren Hyde called the class back to order leading 87. Leaders: Hannah Blair 146; Erika Wilson 476; Mark Godfrey and Leon Godfrey 472; Pat Coghlan and Camilla Barry 528; Jeannette Ralston 460; Leigh Cooper, Joel Chan, and Maggie Zhou 454; Linda Berkemeier, Linda Selph, and Lindy Groening 430 (for Jennifer Jones); Dave Barber and Dave Davidson-Methot 105; Lizzie Sanders and Emily Ross 192; Aisha Morgan and Kate Fine 455; Greg Freed and Rebecca Edwards 441; Annalise Veliz, Esteban Veliz, and Gretchen Muller 77b; Alex Cotton, Hannah Blair, and Wren Hyde 114; Erika Wilson and Lena Strayhorn 500; Jeannette Ralston and Mark Godfrey 378b. Announcements were made. Leigh Cooper and Mark Godfrey led 69b as the closing song. Aisha Morgan offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Pat Coghlan; Vice Chairman—Mark Godfrey; Secretary—Leigh Cooper