Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cleburne County Convention

Edwardsville Baptist Church, Edwardsville, Alabama

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The 130th session of the Cleburne County Convention was held on the third Sunday in August at Edwardsville Baptist Church, Edwardsville, Alabama. Cecil Roberts welcomed the singers and visitors to the singing. He told the singers that the singing had been changed to a memorial singing so there would not be a regular memorial lesson. He led 30t as the opening song, and Jack Nelson offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Cecil Roberts 37t (in honor of Rozlyn Greene and in memory of Ruth Daniel); Rene Greene 440, 273; Judy Chambless 47b; Winfred Kerr 59, 378t (in memory of Ruth Daniel); Robert Chambless 75, 225t; Sherrell Cleino 335, 101t; Virginia Dyer 63, 217; Bert Collins 127, 340; Ed Thacker 291, 176b; Karen Rollins 167 (in honor of Rozlyn Greene), 97 (in memory of Ruth Daniel and Evelyn Harris); Glenda Collins 81t, 45t; Andy Ditzler 140 (by request); Jenna Frey 408, 358; Henry Johnson 435, 55; Samuel Williams 283, 441. In a short business meeting the following officers were elected: Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Rene Greene; Secretary—Judy Chambless.


Cecil Roberts brought the class back to order leading 229 (in honor of Oscar McGuire). Leaders: David Brodeur 293, 345b; Esther Williams 61, 276; Amber Davis 68b, 345t; Jack Nelson 318 (in honor of Betty Culver), 228; Sheri Taylor 421 (in memory of her husband, Mike and her dad), 163t; Andy Ditzler 287, 535; Laura Frey 178, 159; Isaac Green 85, 476, 314 (by request); Gary Davis 480, 565; Fallon Dyer 294 (in memory of Mildred Patterson), 376, 388 (in honor of Charlene Wallace).


Cecil Roberts brought the class back to order leading 76b. Leaders: Ann Simpson 445, 47t; Ed Thacker 213t (in memory of Ruth Daniel); Fallon Dyer 40; Laura Frey 163b; Isaac Green 329; Samuel Williams 378b; Robert Chambless 517; Jack Nelson 518; Andy Ditzler and David Brodeur 463; Winfred Kerr 549; Sheri Taylor 503; Gary Davis 338; Jenna Frey 84. After announcements, Cecil Roberts and Judy Chambless led 46 as the closing song. Henry Johnson offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Rene Greene; Secretary—Judy Chambless