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Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing

Morris Pavilion, Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, North Carolina

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The 13th annual Swannanoa Shape Note Singing was held in Morris Pavilion, Warren Wilson College, in conjunction with Old Time Music and Dance Week. Sarah Kehrberg greeted the class by leading 397b (CH) and offered the opening prayer and welcoming remarks.

The class led selections from The Christian Harmony (2010 edition). Leaders: Ron Pen 323 (CH); Eli Snyder 28t (CH); Mary Baumeister 26t (CH); Kevin Kehrberg 248 (CH); Jonathan Wood 8 (CH); Dave Farmer 544 (CH); John Plunkett 44t (CH); Chris Wilhelm 61t (CH); Maddy Mullany 492b (CH); David Wilson 109 (CH); Clarke Williams 247 (CH); Robert Kelley 442 (CH); Cliff Hall 128b (CH); Andy Morse 74 (CH); Michael Spencer 401b (CH); Diane Eskenasy 51 (CH); Jane Cannon 455b (CH).


The class was brought to order by Sarah Kehrberg leading 163b (for her Uncle Wayne). The class led selections from The Sacred Harp (1991 Edition). Leaders: Ron Pen 146; Eli Snyder 56 (t? b?); Libby Barker 350; Annaliza Cull 455; Patty Judson 76b; Michelle Cull 155; Madeline Wadley 178; David Wilson 276; Andy Morse 183; Maddy Mullany 383; Dave Farmer 147t; Mary Baumeister 523; Kevin Kehrberg 312t; Chris Wilhelm 460; Jonathan Wood 41; Cliff Hall 236; Robert Kelley 437; Diane Eskenasy 222; John Plunkett 294 (for Mildred Patterson); Michael Spencer 382; Clarke Williams 225b; Gaea Singer 77t; Jane Cannon 436. Ron Pen offered a blessing for the meal.


Sarah Kehrberg brought the class to order by leading 308 (SoH). Ron Pen expressed gratitude to Warren Wilson College for allowing singers to use Morris Pavilion at Warren Wilson College, as part of Old Time Music and Dance Week during The Swannanoa Gathering, as well as to all singers who prepared food for the meal. The class led selections from the Southern Harmony. Leaders: Ron Pen 133 (SoH); Eli Snyder 76 (SoH); John Plunkett 30 (SoH); Mary Baumeister 36 (SoH); Jonathan Wood 13t (SoH); Michelle Cull and Annaliza Cull 16 (SoH); Clarke Williams 6t (SoH); Michael Spencer 182 (SoH); Kevin Kehrberg 119 (SoH); Maddy Mullany 106b (SoH); Chris Wilhelm 151 (SoH); Dave Farmer 109 (SoH); Robert Kelley 148 (SoH); Andy Morse 78 (SoH); Gaea Singer and Martha Holtz 150 (SoH); Jane Cannon 55 (SoH).


The class was brought back to order and held a business meeting. The following officers were re-elected: Chairman—Sarah Kehrberg; Vice Chairman—Ron Pen; Secretary—Eli Snyder. The Chairman thanked the arranging committee, and the class for generous donations.

The final session was leader’s choice. Leaders: Sarah Kehrberg 293b (SoH); Ron Pen 80 (SoH); Eli Snyder 82 (SoH); Patty Judson 47t; Mary Baumeister 292 (SoH); Madeline Wadley 203; Andy Morse 219 (CH); David Wilson 180 (CH); Libby Barker 470 (CH); Kevin Kehrberg 165t (SoH); Jonathan Wood 512; Diane Eskenasy 327 (CH); Robert Kelley 140 (SoH); Annaliza Cull 53; Dave Farmer 15 (SoH); Gaea Singer 324; Clarke Williams 72t (SoH); Chris Wilhelm 330b (SoH); Cliff Hall 277; Michael Spencer 521; John Plunkett 311b (SoH); Jane Cannon 181.

After announcements, Sarah Kehrberg offered the closing prayer. The officers led 267 as the closing song.

Chairman—Sarah Kehrberg; Vice Chairman—Ron Pen; Secretary—Eli Snyder