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Northern Shenandoah Valley
Double All-Day Singing

Charles Washington Hall, Charles Town, West Virginia

June 1-2, 2019

Saturday, June 1

All song selections are from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.

The 25th all-day Northern Shenandoah Valley Sacred Harp singing was called to order by Ben Hartland leading 42. Graham DeZarn welcomed the class, and introduced Vice Chairman Abigail Beavin, and the weekend’s senior leadership, John delRe and Kelly Macklin. Jonathan Een Newton offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Kelly Macklin 70t; John delRe 566; Nora Miller 129; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 171; Bev Yaeger 47t; Brenda Dunlap 463; Joshua Barnett 276; Kathy Manning 369; Jim Strube 105; Mary Ann Daly 181; Joel Miller 479; Dann Pell 478; Sharon Strong 25; Jim Glaser 358; Evan Duncan 222; Margaret Hughes 72b; Matt Roberts 564; Les Updike 515; Jonathan Een Newton 76b. Graham DeZarn introduced the Awareness Committee (Kelly Macklin and Joel Miller) and explained its purpose as a resource to help ensure that everyone present feels welcome and safe during the singings and social.

The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Graham DeZarn; Vice Chairman—Abigail Beavin; Awareness Committee—Kelly Macklin and Joel Miller; Chaplains—Cherilyn Neilson and Jonathan Een Newton; Arranging Committee—John D. delRe, Jesse Beller, Jim Glaser, Kelly Macklin, Margaret Hughes, and Rachel Hall; Treasurer—Joshua Barnett; Secretaries—Robin Betts, Joel Miller, Kathy Manning, and Graham DeZarn.


Cherilyn Neilson called the class back to order leading 318. Leaders: Leyland delRe 208; Caro Stamm-Reusch 506; Barb Patterson 383; Rachel Speer 382; Corinne Ducey 51; Claudia Egelhoff 569t; Chris Wolf 125; Myles Louis Dakan 541; Graham DeZarn 131b; Jesse Beller 266; Hannah Mann 277; Dean Jens 429; Jerusha Wheeler 362; Yosef Trachtenberg 236; John Hughes 385b; Joni Seidenstein 189; Anders Fahey 410t; Peter Pate 197; Miriam Delirium 28t; Adrian Mariano 430; Mary Langley 416. Jonathan Een Newton offered a prayer.


Joel Miller called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Dick Patterson 163t; Rachel Hall 214; Erik Schwab 316; Ted Mercer 275t; Ina Shea 58; Sam Kleinman 434; Ted Stokes 273; Emmie Strassberg 344; Ateven Snderson 428; Walter Olson 192; Tim Gregg 287; Miranda Elliot-Rader 512; Edward Rice 203; Tom Ivey 254; Ben Cocchiaro 228; Julia Seidenstein 335; Sandy Cryder 312b; Thomas Ward 351; Ulrike Brauneis 442; Caro Stamm-Reusch 377; John Hughes 474; Cherilyn Neilson 328; Dann Pell 302.


Dean Jens called the class back to order leading 319. Leaders: Sharon Strong 543; Yosef Trachtenberg 466; Miriam Delirium 29b; Jerusha Wheeler 36t; Myles Louis Dakan 445; Claudia Egelhoff 548; Abigail Beavin 85; Josh Barnett 48t; Hannah Mann 178; Rachel Speer 308; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 472; Barb Patterson 82t; Ted Mercer 345b; Bev Yaeger 454; Erik Schwab 378t; Corinne Ducey 111t; Edward Rice 111b; Ateven Snderson 530; Kathy Manning 59; Tom Ivey 30b; Brenda Dunlap 493; Chris Wolf 371. Joshua Barnett gave the Treasurer’s report. Graham DeZarn led 73t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Jonathan Een Newton.

Sunday, June 2

All song selections are from The Shenandoah Harmony (ShH).

The 7th annual Northern Shenandoah Valley Shenandoah Harmony singing was brought to order by Graham DeZarn leading 35 (ShH). Cherilyn Neilson offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Abigail Beavin 18t (ShH); Margaret Hughes 260t (ShH); Joni Seidenstein 417 (ShH); Yona Hunter 438t (ShH); Ari Lindenbaum 80 (ShH); Adrian Mariano 310 (ShH); Leyland delRe 87 (ShH); Mary Ann Daly 140t (ShH); Corinne Ducey 95 (ShH); Katy Hunter 186 (ShH); Nora Miller 286 (ShH); Kathy Manning 350 (ShH); Ulrike Brauneis 192 (ShH); Joshua Barnett 105 (ShH); Jim Glaser 78 (ShH); Daniel Hunter 367 (ShH); Bridget Camden 171 (ShH); Kelly Macklin 410 (ShH); Joel Miller 424t (ShH).


Ted Stokes called the class back to order leading 22b (ShH). Leaders: Ben Cocchiaro 408b (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 244 (ShH); John delRe 67 (ShH); Jonathan Een Newton 108 (ShH); Ben Hartland 21 (ShH); Thomas Ward 129t (ShH); Anders Fahey 113 (ShH); Tim Gregg 226 (ShH); Emmie Strassberg 418t (ShH).

Zoe Plaugher offered remarks respecting the following sick and homebound: Lydia Lewallen, Scott Robinson, Judy Mincey, Kelsey Taylor, Jeff Bell, and Donna Gunderson-Rogers. Zoe then gave a memorial lesson and led 66 (ShH) in memory of the following deceased: Thomas Calvin Carter and Nancy Graham—Maryland; Dino Vretos—Virginia; Debbie Wetzel—Indiana; Susan Roberts—Georgia; Eugene Forbes—Alabama; Concetta Branson—Oregon; Paul Wilson—Minnesota; Pat Duer—Iowa.

Leaders: Dann Pell 246b (ShH); Rachel Hall 162 (ShH); Miranda Elliot-Rader 1t (ShH); Les Updike 124 (ShH); Sandy Cryder 177 (ShH); Julia Seidenstein 411 (ShH). Cherilyn Neilson offered a prayer for lunch from J.S. Woodsworth.


Chris Wolf called the class back to order leading 432t (ShH). Leaders: Bev Yaeger 414b (ShH); John Hughes 114 (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 266 (ShH); Rachel Speer 143 (ShH); Ben Sachs-Hamilton 180 (ShH); Molly Hickman 15 (ShH); Hayden Arp 10 (ShH); Barb Patterson 83b (ShH); Myles Louis Dakan 160 (ShH); Ted Mercer 428 (ShH); Jerusha Wheeler 269 (ShH); Erik Schwab 107 (ShH); Ina Shea 139 (ShH); Sam Kleinman 254 (ShH); Sharon Strong 348b (ShH).


Thomas Ward called the class back to order leading 420t (ShH). Leaders: Ted Stokes 2 (ShH); Yosef Trachtenberg 242 (ShH); Dean Jens 364b (ShH); Edward Rice 155 (ShH); Topher Lawton 89b (ShH); Miriam Delirium 366 (ShH); Tom Ivey 382 (ShH); Ateven Snderson 200 (ShH); Peter Pate 288b (ShH); Kelly Macklin 86 (ShH); Tim Gregg 377 (ShH); Abigail Beavin 452 (ShH); Chris Wolf 137 (ShH); Margaret Hughes 403 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 12 (ShH); Julia Seidenstein 457 (ShH); Caro Stamm-Reusch and Cherilyn Neilson 381 (ShH); Ben Sachs-Hamilton and Myles Louis Dakan 296 (ShH). Announcements were made. Thanks were given to Ateven Snderson for farm assistance and to Ben Hartland for childcare. Graham DeZarn led 309 (ShH). Cherilyn Neilson offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Graham DeZarn; Vice Chairman—Abigail Beavin; Secretaries—Robin Betts, Joel Miller, Kathy Manning, and Graham DeZarn