Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Haven Singing

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The 9th annual New Haven All-Day Singing was held in Connecticut Hall on the campus of Yale University. Chris Geissler called the class to order leading 38t. Rachel Field offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Rachel Field 56t; Charles Biada 79; John Klaess 138t; Suzanne McFate 155; Mary Beth Mills-Curran 49t; Ian Quinn 228; Angharad Davis 401; Nancy Mandel 421; John Hughes 111b; Holly Laws 481; Luke Lindemann 278b; Jennie Brown 128; Carol Huang 26; Al McCready 162; Liz Cantrell 569t; Jesse Vear 478; Douglas Fower 475; Mary Skidmore 163t.


Kevin Beirne called the class to order leading 48t. Leaders: Gwen Gethner 52b; Lynda Paul 183; Liz Patton 553; Myles Louis Dakan 182; Al McCready 47t; Christopher Kain 471; Bill Holt 550; Kerry Cullinan 531; Charlotte Ehrman 486.

Emma Rose Brown led 32b after speaking for the following sick and shut-ins: Don Walker, Charlotte Walker, Charlene Wallace, Nicholas Tuff, Corrone Bryant, Ruth Anne Bryant, Peter Golden, Merv Horst, Brenda Rechenberg, and Curtis Owen.

Emma Rose Brown led 33b after speaking for the following deceased: Glenda Hopper—Alabama; Stacy Phillips—Connecticut; Gordon Straw—Illinois; Lyra McKee—Ireland; Sally Brotherton, Bill French, and Betty Shea—Maine; Paul Luther Wilson—Minnesota; Walter Howrey—Missouri; Merv Horst and Mary Ellen Schrock—New York; Elizabeth Rechenberg—Ohio; Concetta Branson—Oregon. Rachel Field closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Seth Wenger 312b; Julia Seidenstein 82b; Sara Lott 564; Brian Harris 216; Jasmine Mendoza 300; William Schuller 57; Elsa Phemayotin 345b; Cecilia Arslan and Isis Arslan 159; Eli Roberts 168; Robert Stoddard 283. Liz Cantrell gave a blessing, and the class was dismissed for lunch.


Sara Lott called the class to order leading 134. Leaders: Deidra Montgomery 411; James Baumgartner 444; Stefani Priskos 436; Ben Cocchiaro 474; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 277; Pippa Stoddard 196; Nora Miller 500; Michael Walker 172; Tara Mulder 215; Kevin Beirne 419; Dan Coppock 156; Elizabeth Stoddard 181; Erin Fulton 165; Rachel Hall 44; Margaret Hughes 445; MB Gowins 426b; Scott Harriman 539; Laura Hodges 100; Emma Rose Brown 377; Gerald Clark 107; John Klaess and Suzanne McFate 378t.


Stefani Priskos called the class to order leading 105. Leaders: Liz Cantrell and Rachel Field 442; Carson Evans and Anna Rose Gable 207; Michaela Natal 472; Jennie Brown 534; Nancy Mandel and Jasmine Mendoza 77t; Erin Fulton 396; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 383; Holly Laws, Angharad Davis, and Eli Roberts 302; Michael Walker 297; Mary Skidmore 432; John Hughes and Margaret Hughes 503; Bill Holt 224; Rachel Hall and Ben Cocchiaro 76b; Gwen Gethner and Carol Huang 42; Myles Louis Dakan 95; Gerald Clark and Brian Harris 55; Nathalie Levine, Anna Rose Gable, Carson Evans, and Charles Biada 284; Jesse Vear and Scott Harriman 101t; Christopher Kain 330b; Al McCready, Laura Hodges, and Robert Stoddard 236.

The echo of reports and announcements bounded through all the world. Expenses were met, and in excess of eighty singers, who possessed between them citizenship of twelve states and three foreign nations, were present. Chris Geissler, Rachel Field, Charles Biada, Suzanne McFate, John Klaess, and Al McCready led 62, and the class took the parting hand. Rachel Field offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Geissler; Vice Chairman—Rachel Field; Secretary—Charles Biada