Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Edwardsville Baptist Church Singing

Edwardsville, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Edwardsville Baptist Church, Edwardsville, Cleburne County, Alabama, was held on the first Sunday in April. Cecil Roberts called the class to order leading 56t. Robert Chambless offered the opening prayer. Cecil Roberts welcomed everyone, and then led 33b.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 515, 418; Donna Bell 72b; Judy Chambless 564, 542; Rene Greene 176b, 313t; Lisa Bennett 497, 472 (in memory of Concetta Branson); Virginia Dyer 546, 217; Winfred Kerr 36b, 225t; Jack Nelson 513, 540; David Smead 337, 123t; Sherrell Cleino 335 (for her mother, Ruth Daniel), 127; Robert Chambless 56b, 32t.


Henry Johnson led 88t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Glenda Collins 81t, 454; Rebecca Over 314, 283 (in memory of Earlis McGraw and Hugh McGraw); David Brodeur 462, 477; Richard DeLong 70t (for Allison Wilkins), 58 (in honor of Charlene Wallace); Karen Rollins 137 (for Charlene Wallace), 136; Daniel Williams 78, 378b; Bert Collins 378t, 480; Samuel Williams 481, 547; Oscar McGuire 556, 477; John Plunkett 71, 345b; Cecil Roberts 75; Richard DeLong 375; Sherrell Cleino 31t; Robert Chambless 77b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Karen Rollins. Karen spoke and read the names of the following sick and shut-ins: Rozlyn Green, Charlene Wallace, Ottis Sides, Velton Chafin, Judy Mincey, Norma Mincey, and Lucy Garner. She then read the following list of names of the deceased: Martha “Reenie” Ginn, Willodean Barton, Mike Jones, and Eugene Forbes—Alabama; Concetta Branson—Oregon; Paul Wilson—Minnesota; and Audrey Ruth Garner—Georgia. Karen led 153 in honor of the sick and shut-ins and in memory of the deceased. She offered prayer to close the memorial lesson. Judy Chambless thanked Edwardsville Church for letting us meet here. Rev. Chris Jackson, pastor of the church, offered the blessing of the noon meal.


Cecil Roberts brought the class back to order by leading 303. Leaders: Samuel Williams 26; Ann Simpson 388, 445; David Smead 176t; David Brodeur 331; Jack Nelson 95; Henry Johnson 57.

Cecil Roberts asked the class for a few minutes for a discussion. It was mentioned to him and others to combine this singing with the Cleburne County Convention held on the second Sunday in August. The class voted to combine the Edwardsville singing with the Cleburne County Convention.

Leaders: Glenda Collins 300; Daniel Williams 102; Rebecca Over 74t; Rene Greene 186; Winfred Kerr 89; Oscar McGuire 163b; Lisa Bennett 374; John Plunkett 470; Bert Collins 340; Ann Simpson 358; Judy Chambless 531.

Following announcements, Cecil Roberts, Henry Johnson, Donna Bell, and Judy Chambless led 138b as the closing song. Judy Chambless offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Henry Johnson; Secretary—Donna Bell