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Baylor University Sacred Harp Singing

George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Waco, Texas

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The 17th annual Baylor University Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Great Hall of the George W. Truett Theological Seminary on the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas. Donald Ross gave a few introductory remarks about Sacred Harp, and taught a singing school prior to the start of the singing. Donald Ross then called the class together leading 59. Dr. David Music gave a welcome to the singers and the University. Dr. Scott Buie offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed: Chairman—Dr. David Music; Secretaries and Arranging Committee—Diane Ross and Cheryl Foreman.

Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 31b; Diane Ross 350; Jerry Ryan 490; Matt Arnold 276; Janie Short 312b; Kate Agnew and Joelle Axton 110; Rick Foreman 107; Beverly Coates 171; Tammy Powell 542; Emily Brown and Reese Brown 77t; Vickie Cook 472; Sarah Huckaby 74b; Joshua Turpin 159.


Donald Ross brought the class back together leading 301. Leaders: David Music, Austin Harris, and Kennedy Powers 128; David Music, Johnathan Sumner, and Eric Amouzou 34b; David Music, Jenny Skarke, Alison Tinsley, and Candace Allen 45t; Kristie Powell 56t; Chad Houk 154; Lucy Murphy 178; Bruce Coates 503; Joelle Axton 63; Gayle Avant 426t; Chris Nicholson 212; Cheryl Foreman 492; Kennedy Powers 151; Austin Harris 395; Jonathan Sumner 35; Allison Tinsley and Chad Houk 135; Candace Allen 308; Diane Ross 344; Jerry Ryan 318; Matt Arnold 497; Janie Short 142.

Announcements were made, and Dr. Music offered grace prior to the meal.


Donald Ross brought the class back together leading 46. Leaders: Kate Agnew 480; Beverly Coates 481; Randall Bradley 85; Sam Johnson 47b; Lucy Murphy 163b; Chris Nicholson 162; Emily Brown 228; Bruce Coates 313b; Kristie Powell 430; Carter Cook 300; Rick Foreman 84; Gaylon Powell 43; Vickie Cook 150; Tammy Powell 454; Sarah Huckaby 76b; Joelle Axton 513; Eric Amouzou 33b; Sam Johnson 83b; Austin Harris 72b; Randall Bradley 40; Jerry Ryan 145t; Matt Arnold 68b; Kate Agnew 436; Chris Nicholson 473; Carter Cook 203; Gaylon Powell 564; Sarah Huckaby 176b; David Music 284; Janie Short 384; Emily Brown 512; Rick Foreman 448t; Vickie Cook 448b; Sam Johnson 566; Bruce Coates 535.

The class was dismissed by prayer offered by Dr. Randall Bradley.

Chairman—Dr. David Music; Secretaries—Diane Ross and Cheryl Foreman