Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Denmark, Wisconsin Singing

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Denmark, Wisconsin

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The class was called to order by Carol Crawford and Jim Crawford leading 52t. A prayer was offered by Paul Landskroener.

Leaders: Denise Kania 171; Jeanette Nelson 455; Paul Landskroener 65; Carl Houtman 148; Jim Crawford 454; Jacob Kiakahi 30t; Dick Patterson 299; Carol Enseki 86; John Seaton 48t (for Karen Isbell); AnnaLeigh Smith 129; Jan Ketelle 368; Lisa Grayson 348t; Nancy Parsons 344; Barb Patterson 275t; Jim Helke 41 (CB); Paul Wyatt 157; Jim Pfau 101t; Ted Mercer 419 (in memory of Julie Vea); Jim Page 334.


Dick Patterson called the class to order leading 313t. Leaders: Carol Crawford 312b; Hans Guttmann 511t (CB); Thad Walker 102; Will Strayer 410t; Christine Stevens 532; Ginny Landgraf 173 (in memory of Ann Sleeva); Rochelle Lodder 504 (CB); Claudia Egelhoff 590 (CB); Daniel Braithwaite 76b; Lisa Grayson 214; Eleanor Haase 272; Paul Wyatt 464; Carl Houtman 49b; Jim Crawford 178. Paul Landskroener asked the blessing on the mid-day meal.


Jim Pfau called the class to order leading 59. Leaders: Jacob Kiakahi 192; AnnaLeigh Smith 220; Dick Patterson 383; Carol Enseki 149; Rochelle Lodder 573; Ginny Landgraf 224 (CB); Jan Ketelle 556; Denise Kania 500; Jeanette Nelson 472; Barb Patterson 153 (in memory Ann Sleeva and Julie Vea); Nancy Parsons 504; Paul Landskroener 266; Ted Mercer 378b (CB); Jim Page 98 (CB); Daniel Braithwaite 110; Carol Crawford 448b.


Ginny Landgraf called the class to order (song not recorded). Leaders: Christine Stevens 371; Carol Crawford and Tina Mercier 268; Jim Helke 571 (CB); Christine Stevens 159; Will Strayer 209; Carl Houtman 66; Hans Guttmann 505 (CB); John Seaton 47t; Marybeth Neal 47b; Claudia Egelhoff 340 (CB); Jeanette Nelson 163b; Eleanor Haase 99; Carl Houtman 87; Paul Wyatt 144.


Jim Page called the class to order leading 84. Leaders: Jim Crawford 587 (CB) (for son, Ben); Dick Patterson 312t; Ginny Landgraf 48b; Jim Helke 507b (CB); Carol Ensecki 474 (for Dick and Val Dunagan); John Seaton 203.

Following announcements, Carol Crawford led 347 as the closing song. Paul Landskroener offered the closing prayer.

Chairmen—Jim Crawford and Carol Crawford; Secretary—Jim Crawford