Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Boiling Springs Convention

Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Ashland, Alabama

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The 152nd session of the Boiling Springs Convention was held at Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Ashland, Alabama, on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. Jack Nelson led 32t as the opening song. Philip Denney offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held to discuss the future of the Boiling Springs Convention. It was reported by Jack Nelson that due to age and health issues, Eugene Forbes and Myrline Redmon would not be able to host this singing at Mt. Zion after this year. The class did not want to discontinue this singing, therefore, it was voted to ask the Calhoun County Convention at Oak Hill to host this singing in conjunction with the singing on the second Sunday in November until some place could be found to host the singing.

Leaders: Jack Nelson 480; Jacob Acton 168, 196; Samuel Williams 125, 213t; Ann Riley 318, 300; Cheyenne Ivey 129, 111b; Robert Chambless “The National Anthem”, 230 (for people who have had recent tragedies); Amber Davis 337, 150; Esther Williams 335; Philip Denney and Gayle Denney 75, 77t; Richard DeLong 121, 385b; Myrline Redmon 164, 569b.


Jack Nelson brought the class back to order leading 518. Leaders: Daniel Williams 441, 74t; Erin Fulton 131b, 440; Karen Rollins 354t, 354b; Winfred Kerr 59, 225t (for Rebecca Over); Shane Brown 138t, 66; Oscar McGuire 276, 171.

Karen Rollins conducted the memorial lesson, telling the importance of sending cards and making phone calls to the singers who cannot be with us. Karen Rollins led 119 for the memorial lesson. The following list of names of the deceased was read: Darrell Swarens, Elizabeth Rechenberg, Daphene Causey, Florice Akin, and Floy Wilder. The following list of names of the sick and shut-ins was read: Roy Nelson, Sarah Nelson, Adrian Eldridge, Charlene Wallace, Eugene Forbes, Don Bowen, and Helen Bryson. Philip Denney closed the memorial lesson with prayer. A phone call was placed to Eugene Forbes so that Oscar McGuire could lead 203 as Eugene listened.


Jack Nelson brought the class back to order leading 399b. Leaders: Bert Collins 340, 277; Glenda Collins 418, 81t (for her daughter, Gail); Lori Hinesley 172, 373; Judy Chambless 384, 454 (for Virginia Dyer); Jacob Acton 282; Samuel Williams 536; Ann Riley 290; Cheyenne Ivey 546; Robert Chambless 547; Amber Davis 30b; Esther Williams 224; Philip Denney 101t; Richard DeLong 176b; Myrline Redmon 147t; Daniel Williams 228; Erin Fulton 108b; Winfred Kerr 421; Shane Brown 267; Oscar McGuire 515; Bert Collins 97; Lori Hinesley 58; Glenda Collins 105.

After announcements, Jacob Acton led 229 (CB) as the closing song. Shane Brown offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Jack Nelson; Secretary—Judy Chambless