Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Seed and Feed Sacred Harp Singing

Emory Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The 42nd annual Seed and Feed Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Sandra Wilkinson leading 31b. Jim Neal offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 63; David Smead 73b, 147b; Laura Akerman 176b, 390; John Plunkett 77b, 175; Debora Grosse 224, 215; Kelly Morris 503, 159; Malinda Snow 287, 497; Henry Slack 268, 300; Bert Collins 340, 35; Karen Morris 65, 299; David Brodeur 415, 448b.


The class returned with David Smead leading 82t. Leaders: Dave Farmer 473, 196; Hayley Robb 146; John Whittemore 40, 38b; Samuel Williams 138b, 505. A business session was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—David Smead; Vice Chairman—Jim Neal; Secretary—Laura Akerman. Leaders: Jim Neal 406, 477; Lisa Bennett 444, 332; Susan Firestone 474, 475; Jeremiah Ledbetter 312b, 148; Andy Ditzler 462, 75; Amy Armstrong Wells 272, 448t.


Jim Neal brought the class back together by leading 32t. Leaders: Eric Tweedy 174, 442; Glenda Collins 99, 100; Erin Fulton 466, 399b; Daniel Williams 441, 360.

Lisa Bennett conducted a memorial lesson for the deceased and sick and shut-ins. The names of the following deceased were read: Andy Worthington, Louise Holland, Daphene Causey, Clois Rollins—Georgia; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Steve Helwig—Oregon. The names of the following sick and shut-ins were read: Charlene Wallace, Don Bowen, Norma Mincey, Judy Mincey, Helen Bryson, Tim Gregg, and Adrian Eldridge. Lisa led 70t for all, and Jim Neal closed the service with prayer.

Leaders: Zachary Silva 157; Diane Heywood 49t, 178; Tony Hammock 404, 400; Lauren Bock 325, 532; Michael Walker 41, 392 (both in memory of Danny Arms).


The class returned with David Smead leading 335. Leaders: Nina Burris 344, 362; Anders Wells 70b, 71; Susan Posey 66, 84; Jesse P. Karlsberg 80b, 45b; Caran Bramlette 143, 480; Sandra Wilkinson 489; Michael Walker 131b; Dave Farmer 454; Laura Akerman, Caran Bramlette, Kelly Morris, Karen Morris, Henry Slack, and John Whittemore (original Seed and Feed Theatre people) 47b, 155. Kelly Morris announced that the location of this singing will change next year to Northlake Church of Christ in Tucker, Georgia. David Smead led 414 as the closing song. Jim Neal dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—David Smead; Vice Chairman—Jim Neal; Secretary—Laura Akerman