Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Santa Cruz Singing

St. John the Baptist Church, Aptos, California

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The 5th annual Santa Cruz All-Day Singing was held at St. John the Baptist Church in Santa Cruz, California. Shelley Phillips called the class together leading 59. Edward Rice offered the opening prayer.

In a business meeting, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Edward Rice; Arranging—Janet Herman; Secretary—Ruth McGurk; Treasurer—Erika Wilson.

Leaders: Edward Rice 99; Janet Herman 276; Mary O’Brien 69t; Dave Barber 569b; Greg Freed 72b; Lindy Groening 403; Mark Godfrey 101t; Pat Coghlan 492; Linda Selph 475; Leigh Cooper 334; Erika Wilson 225t; Yuka Oiwa 48t; Wren Hyde 108b; Aisha Morgan 82t; Rebecca Edwards 172; Shelley Phillips 491; Edward Rice 131t.


Song selections in this session were from the Shenandoah Harmony (ShH). Mark Godfrey brought the class together leading 13t (ShH). Leaders: Linda Selph 41 (ShH); Dave Barber 188 (ShH); Janet Herman 203 (ShH); Lindy Groening 86 (ShH); Mark Godfrey 361 (ShH); Erika Wilson 418t (ShH); Mary O’Brien 373b (ShH); Rebecca Edwards 406 (ShH); Wren Hyde 169 (ShH); Shelley Phillips 113 (ShH); Leigh Cooper 142 (ShH); Edward Rice 427 (ShH); Yuka Oiwa 278 (ShH); Ruth McGurk 403b (ShH); Jeanette Ralston 146 (ShH); Linda Selph 170 (ShH); Dave Barber 429b (ShH); Lindy Groening 171 (ShH). Edward Rice led the prayer for the noon meal.


Dave Barber brought the class together leading 31t. Leaders: Greg Freed 112; Alex Cotton 168; Seth Mitter 503; Pat Coghlan 142; Mark Godfrey 189; Aisha Morgan 339; Erika Wilson 411; Yuka Oiwa 245; Rebecca Edwards 442; Leigh Cooper 532; Shelley Phillips 455; Wren Hyde 203; Edward Rice 448t; Jeanette Ralston 175; Janet Herman 551; Mary O’Brien 445; Linda Selph 456; Dave Barber 556; Lindy Groening 383; Alex Cotton 228.


Yuka Oiwa brought the class together leading 34b. Leaders: Peter Ross 155; Iona Singleton 159; Greg Freed 227; Seth Mitter 344; Pat Coghlan 528 (in memory of Steve Helwig); Mark Godfrey 121; Aisha Morgan 277; Erika Wilson 527; Yuka Oiwa 100; Rebecca Edwards 153; Leigh Cooper 34t; Shelley Phillips 454; Wren Hyde 42; Edward Rice 234; Jeanette Ralston 312t; Mark Forry 315; Janet Herman 341; Linda Selph 480; Dave Barber 460; Lindy Groening 47b.

In a business meeting, the Treasurer reported that expenses had been met, and the Secretary reported that thirty-six singers sang eighty songs. The chairman thanked all who made the singing possible.

Edward Rice and Shelley Phillips led 157 (ShH) as the closing song. Edward Rice offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Edward Rice; Secretary—Ruth McGurk