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Floyd County Singing

Savitz’s Barn, Floyd, Virginia

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The 2nd Floyd County All-Day Singing was held at Savitz’s Barn, Floyd, Virginia. The class was called to order by Chris Wolf leading 32t. Dan Jaasma offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: John delRe 77 (ShH); Skeet Surrency 260t (ShH); Matt Drumheller 448t; Dan Pell 77b; Matt Bell 297 (ShH); Kaleb Delk (ShH); Barb Patterson (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 260b (ShH); Ateven Snderson 175 (ShH); Xaris Martinez 216; Eleanor Haase 542.


Lydia Lewallen called the class back together leading 36b. Leaders: Jim Glaser 229; Dick Patterson 78 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 114 (ShH); Ben Fink 107; John Alexander 317; Matt Roberts 147 (ShH); Megan Holm 373 (ShH); Logan Green 111t; Matt Winter 168; Leslie Booher 163b; Tom Dillon 569b; Kyle Johnston 141; Eli Snyder 125.


Claudia Egelhoff called the class back together leading 146. Leaders: Kathy Kaiser 142; Bev Yaeger 424b (ShH); Miriam Delirium 403 (ShH); Matt Drumheller and Steve Drumheller 178; Skeet Surrency 159; Dan Pell 264t (ShH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Thomas Mann. He led 266 (ShH) with Hannah Mann and Chris Wolf for the sick, shut-in and suffering. They led 22b (ShH) in memory of those deceased within the last year. Chris Wolf closed the memorial lesson asking that all the songs of the day serve as prayers for the people named.

Leaders: Dan Jaasma 277; Matt Bell 468; John delRe 70t (ShH); Kaleb Delk 140b (ShH). Dan Jaasma asked a blessing before the meal.


Eli Snyder called the class back together leading 305 (ShH). Leaders: Barb Patterson 340b (ShH); Claudia Egelhoff 364b (ShH); Xaris Martinez 187 (ShH); Ateven Snderson 370 (ShH); Eleanor Haase 352; Jim Glaser 127 (ShH); Dick Patterson 366 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 383; Ben Fink 260; Diane Ober and John Alexander 438t (ShH); Megan Holm 270 (ShH); Logan Green 227; Matt Winter 362; John Alexander 5t (ShH); Matt Roberts 105 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 528; Eli Snyder 218t (ShH); Kathy Kaiser 102; Tom Dillon 446.


Jim Glaser called the class back together leading 1b (ShH). Leaders: Bev Yaeger 310 (ShH); Chris Wolf 420t (ShH); Miriam Delirium 171 (ShH); Megan Holm, Ben Fink, and Lucy Slusher 99; Logan Green, Caroline Green, Matt Bell, and Xaris Martinez 306; Lydia Lewallen, Barb Patterson, and Claudia Egelhoff 221 (ShH); Matt Winter, Matt Drumheller, and Michael Archer 455; Diane Ober and John Alexander 413 (ShH); Dan Pell 381; Dick Patterson 12b (ShH); Eleanor Haase 125 (ShH); Miriam Delirium 264b (ShH); Leslie Booher 13t (ShH); Kathy Kaiser 131t; Eli Snyder 309 (ShH); Bev Yaeger 192; Floyd county singers 432t (ShH).

Announcements were made. Chris Wolf led 404t (ShH), and Dan Jaasma offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Chris Wolf; Vice Chairman—Roxanne Greenberg; Secretaries—Amie Slate, Xaris Martinez, and Eli Snyder