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Cork Singing

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Hall, Cork, Ireland

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The 8th annual Cork All-Day Singing was called to order at St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Hall, Dean Street, Cork, Ireland, by Katie Ahern leading 77b. Colleen Jones offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ross Harbison 30t; Colleen Jones 47t; Piers Blewett 40; Declan Barron 66; Rosalind Woods 324; Sinéad Hanrahan 230; Michael Walker 297; Helen Peake 68b; Dermot Peel 143; Lisa O’Grady 436 (for Piers Blewett); Mike Morrisroe 187; Laurie Skelton 35; Kevin Kennedy 34t; Brenda Harvey 159; Joanna Bennett 349; Sarah Shiel 178; Nick Hall 515; Ann Chesterton and Sophie Sawicka-Sykes 65; Edwin Macadam 272.


Kate Kirwan called the class to order leading 275b. Leaders: Sarah West 131t; George Simms 212; Steph Malpass 300; Derek Buckland 275t; Ailish McMahon 42; Sophie Sawicka-Sykes 141; Nigel Bowley 382; Cath Saunt 327; Sheila Girling Macadam 286; Rachel Jordan 351; Niamh Madigan 353; Iain Paxon 441; Amanda Parkes 340; Catherine Roberts 131b; Helen Peake 217; Brenda Harvey 162; Dermot Peel 440; Colleen Jones 446; Nick Hall 367; Sarah Shiel 183; Michael Walker 383; Katie Ahern 232; Edwin Macadam 444; Declan Barron 34b. Colleen Jones said grace.


Lisa O’Grady called the afternoon session to order by leading 89. Leaders: Derek Buckland 161; Laurie Skelton 196; Rosalind Woods and Sophie Gregory-Smith 269; Iain Paxon 535; Joanna Bennett 73t; Vicki Elliott 528; Kate Kirwan 483; Nigel Bowley 517; Sheila Girling Macadam 500; Mike Morrisroe 234; Piers Blewett 477; Cath Saunt 299; Ross Harbison 91; Rachel Jordan 368; Sarah West 112; Sophie Sawicka-Sykes 442; Catherine Roberts 203; George Simms 189; Steph Malpass 430; Bert McCann and Ross Harbison 45t.


Cath Saunt led 29t to bring the class together. Leaders: Kevin Kennedy 551; Ailish McMahon 77t; Amanda Parkes 522; Ewa Lichnerowicz 68t; Vicki Elliott 224; Sinéad Hanrahan 377; Desmond O’Flynn and Joanna Bennett 277; Ann Chesterton and Catherine Roberts 37b; Niamh Madigan 270; Dara Desmond 280; Lisa O’Grady, Ciara Cady, and Aoife O’Grady 48t (in memory of PJ O’Grady); Edwin Macadam 492; Brenda Harvey 39t; Joanna Bennett and Katie Ahern 475; Nick Hall 455; Sarah West 445; George Simms 569t; Rachel Jordan 546; Derek Buckland 128; Sheila Girling Macadam 288; Nigel Bowley 47b; Sophie Sawicka-Sykes 425; Iain Paxon and Eleanor Callaghan 209; Rosalind Woods 499 (in memory of Susan Carr).

Katie Ahern made closing announcements, during which she thanked all those involved in organizing the day, and gave special thanks to the singers who had travelled for the singing. Niamh O’Sullivan gave the Secretary’s report and stated that ninety-three songs had been sung by sixty-seven registered singers and forty-four leaders. Four countries were represented (Ireland, England, Germany and the USA.). Amanda Parkes gave the Treasurer’s report, stating that all expenses had been met. Colleen Jones offered the closing prayer. Katie Ahern led 472 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Katie Ahern; Vice Chairman—Ross Harbison; Secretary—Niamh O’Sullivan