Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Old Harmony Primitive Baptist Church

Abernathy, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Old Harmony Primitive Baptist Church near Abernathy, Cleburne County, Alabama, was held on the third Sunday in April. Robert Chambless welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming out in the rainy weather. He announced the tragic death of Houston Jones. Mr. Jones was responsible for the upkeep of Shoal Creek Church. He died from an apparent heart attack. Robert led 56t.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Sherrell Cleino; Vice Chairman—Winfred Kerr; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless; Memorial Lesson—Cecil Roberts.

Leaders: Robert Chambless 452; Sherrell Cleino 335, 448b; Winfred Kerr 59, 82t; Donna Bell 317 (in memory of Stanly Edwards and Billy Joe Harris), 89 (in memory of Evelyn Harris); Karen Rollins 34b, 35; Virginia Dyer 235 (in memory of Hugh McGraw and Ernis Hutcheson), 63; Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 100, 101t; Esther Williams 230, 75; Ruth Daniel 47t (in memory of Evelyn Harris, Nellie Mae White, and Clellan), 378t; Cecil Roberts 303, 312b; Samuel Williams 569t, 332.


Winfred Kerr brought the class back to order leading 314. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 171, 155; Bert Collins 340 (for Lawrence Edwards); Judy Chambless 146, 282; Sherrell Cleino and Tina Letts 127, 98; Winfred Kerr 516, 569b; Donna Bell 217, 133 (in honor of Charlene Wallace); Robert Chambless 225t, 72b (in memory of Darrell Swarens); Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 45t (for her daughter, Michelle Kennedy), 294.

Cecil Roberts conducted the memorial lesson. Cecil noted that in the Bible there are several passages that refer to places where those or them that slept. Cecil then referred to scripture in Thessalonians before reading the names of the sick and shut-ins and those of the deceased. The sick and shut-ins honored were Lucy Garner, Jerry Rollins, Joyce Bell, Ruth Garner, Michelle Kennedy, and Louvella “Cooter” Prichard. The deceased remembered were Agnes Laminack Roberts, Darrell Swarens, Louise Holland, Daphene Causey, Hugh McGraw, Houston Jones, and Floy Wilder. Virginia Dyer led 37b. Judy Chambless closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Esther Williams 201; Samuel Williams 123t. Robert Chambless offered the blessing of the noon meal in the church due to the inclement weather.


The afternoon session of singing began with Winfred Kerr leading 144. Leaders: Esther Williams 175; Samuel Williams 73t; Oscar McGuire 229, 57; Fallon Cook 32t, 208; Cecil Roberts 403, 399b; Fallon Cook 68b, 176t; Virginia Dyer 454; Bert Collins 339; Glenda Collins 338; Robert Chambless 154; Winfred Kerr 337; Esther Williams 99; Sherrell Cleino 139; Samuel Williams 138b; Donna Bell 344; Fallon Cook 358; Cecil Roberts 95; Oscar McGuire 515; Ruth Daniel 332; Glenda Collins 334.

Announcements were made. Sherrell Cleino thanked everyone for coming before leading 46 as the closing song. Cecil Roberts offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sherrell Cleino; Vice Chairman—Winfred Kerr; Secretary—Donna Bell