Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Gwehelog Singing

Gwehelog Methodist Church, Near Usk, Wales, United Kingdom

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The annual Gwehelog Sacred Harp singing was called to order by Steve Brett and Ella Cumber leading 100. Kate Kirwan offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were appointed: Co-Chairpersons—Steve Brett and Ella Cumber; Secretary—Sarah West; Arranging Committee—Crispin Walker and Kate Kirwan.

Leaders: Sarah West 30t; Matthew Parkinson 31b; Leila Gamaz 32t; Christian Liberati 278t; Leilai Immel 303; Kate Kirwan 72t; Alec Williams 111b; Bridget McVennon 88b; Ian West 85; Teresa Maguire 67; Hannah Land 313t; Judy Whiting 540; Ted Brown 73b; Karen Turner 473; Helen Brown 399b; Michael Walker 63; Marcos Sullivan 388; Cassie Allen 326; Chris Brown 542.


Crispin Walker called the class to order leading 77t. Leaders: Leilai Immel 290; Margaret Gillanders 460; Barry Parsons 206; Werner Ullah 30b; Steve Brett 513; Ian West 29t; Matthew Parkinson 74b; Cassie Allen 434; Michael Walker 475; Teresa Maguire 102; Helen Brown 392.

Alec Williams conducted the sick and housebound lesson, leading 340 for the following: Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Melanie Hauff, Sophie McDougal, Nigel Cumber, Toby Boyes, Kit Yip, Kathleen Liberati, and Daniel Oldham.

Leila Gamaz conducted the memorial lesson and read the following list of names of the deceased: Chris Holloway, Jimmie Foreman, Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, Don Grimshaw, Ros Taylor, Gordon Hoyland, Norman Johnson, Winifred Elliott, Gravis Ballinger, Hugh McGraw, Caleb Allred, Jean MacDonald, Ruth Steggles, Catherine Harkin, Robert Peel, and B.M. Smith. Leila Gamaz led 348b in their memory. Hannah Land closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Sarah West 318; Ella Cumber 541; Judy Whiting 171; Bridget McVennon 323t; Ted Brown 445; Marcos Sullivan 547; Chris Brown 546; Karen Turner 195. Teresa Maguire offered the blessing for the midday meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Barry Parsons leading 103. Leaders: Werner Ullah 37b; Christian Liberati 535; Nigel Bowley 325; Joss Tait and Amy Cutts 105; Harry Campbell 74t; Chloe Somers 277; Hannah Land 454; Kate Kirwan 517; Cassie Allen 160b; Margaret Gillanders 480; Karen Turner 280; Helen Brown 217; Marcos Sullivan 377; Michael Walker 522; Judy Whiting 187; Teresa Maguire 506; Ella Cumber 123b; Ted Brown 426t; Ian West 500; Leilai Immel 312b; Chris Brown 329; Alec Williams 80b; Chloe Somers 159t.


Leila Gamaz called the class to order leading 168. Leaders: Sarah West 531; Kate Kirwan 114; Crispin Walker 344; Matthew Parkinson 343; Nigel Bowley 330t; Hannah Land 222; Chloe Somers 209; Helen Brown 227; Margaret Gillanders 466; Cassie Allen 485; Werner Ullah 86; Judy Whiting 208; Barry Parsons 197; Ted Brown 523; Leila Gamaz 448b; Joss Tait and Amy Cutts 313b; Teresa Maguire 72b; Bridget McVennon 81t; Chris Brown 274b.

Steve Brett led 378t as the closing song. Leilai Immel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairpersons—Steve Brett and Ella Cumber; Secretary—Sarah West