Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Haven Singing

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The 7th New Haven All-Day Singing was held in Connecticut Hall on the campus of Yale University. Charles Biada called the class to order leading 38t. Martha Murray offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Holly Laws 107; Paula Picton 101t; Vicki Hayes 47t; Angharad Davis 100; John Klaess 131b; Martha Murray 38b; Ian Quinn 32t; Keillor Mose 129; Christopher Kain 496; Carol Huang 35; John Gambell 300; Margaret Youngberg 375; Solon Gordon 156; Mary Skidmore 548; Rashad Ullah 50t; Nancy Mandel 92; Jesse Vear 390; Douglas Fower 474; Anna Kellar 564.


Gwen Gethner called the class to order leading 144. Leaders: Joshua Barnett 312b; Kerry Cullinan 29t; Jason Woofenden 351; Jonas Powell 56b; Christina Wallin 57; Brian Harris 349; Ines Lüttgen 310.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Philippa Stoddard and Ian Quinn. Philippa Stoddard led 330b and spoke for the following sick and shut-ins: Jon Giles, Michael Kaye, Concetta Branson, Katherine Glatter, Hilde Doherty, Richard Benson, Mike Ramsey, Mary Capron, and Bo Montoya.

Ian Quinn led 123t and spoke for the following deceased: Don Fahrbach—Wisconsin; John Bayer—Ohio; Edward Swetman—Minnesota; B.M. Smith, Earlis McGraw, and Johnny Lee—Georgia; Olive Traylor—Oklahoma; Toby Strout—Indiana; Randall Speirs, Pat Colterahn, and Timothy Grannis. Christina Wallin closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Robert Stoddard 498; Michael Nord 384; Jason Steidl 322; Tyler Benjamin 282; Alice Beattie 410b; Tofer Lawton 313b; Corinne Ducey and Gerald Clark 82t; Deidra Montgomery 434; Al McCready 276. The noon meal blessing was given by Liz Cantrell.


Nancy Mandel and Alice Stock called the class to order leading 105. Leaders: Myles Louis Dakan 269; Rebecca Blumenthal 198; Mike Richards 528; David Wright 362; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 189; Ellen Ray 454; Kevin Beirne 475; Aldo Ceresa 236; Laura Hodges 183; Julie Botnick 67; James Baumgartner 179; Danny Wood 319; Rachel Hall and family 227; Liz Cantrell 396; Elizabeth Stoddard 534; Gerald Clark 365; Sharon Lehr 315; Philippa Stoddard 182; Chris Geissler 84; Gwen Gethner 27.


Joshua Barnett called the class to order leading 30b. Leaders: Jonas Powell, Connie Des Marais, Kobi Bordoley, and Rashad Ullah 547; Holly Laws, Vicki Hayes, and John Conley 448t; Philippa Stoddard, Julie Botnick, Christina Wallin, and Charles Biada 480; Patrick Friesen, Laura Hodges, and James Baumgartner 408; Keillor Mose, Brian Harris, and Alexander D’Alisera 442; Carol Huang, David Wright, Deidra Montgomery, and Kevin Beirne 153; Anna Kellar and Allison Hadley 203; Robert Stoddard, Myles Louis Dakan, and Rachel Hall 96; Nancy Mandel, Jasmine Mendoza, Ines Lüttgen, and Alice Stock 445; Elizabeth Stoddard, Mary McCarthy, and Kerry Cullinan 87; Al McCready and Gwen Gethner 31t; Ben Sachs-Hamilton, Brigid Snow, and Eric Snow 497; Angharad Davis, LaRee Delahunt, and Sharon Lehr 81t; Jesse Vear, Liz Cantrell, Mike Richards, and Christopher Kain 512; Danny Wood and Jason Woofenden 335; Aldo Ceresa, Douglas Fower, Rebecca Blumenthal, and Solon Gordon 146.

Reports were given and announcements made. Registered participants came from twelve states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. Charles Biada, Holly Laws, Joshua Barnett, Jonas Powell, and Chris Geissler led 62, and the class took the parting hand. John Gambell offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Charles Biada; Vice Chairman—Holly Laws; Secretary—Joshua Barnett