Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Columbia Singing

Dripping Springs Christian Church, Columbia, Missouri

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The 22nd annual Columbia Singing was held at Dripping Springs Christian Church on Saturday before the second Sunday in October. Meg Stauffer called the class to order leading 46. Tim Von Englen offered the opening prayer.

The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Meg Stauffer; Chaplains—Tim Von Englen and Cherry Hinderberger; Arranging Officer—Patti Doss; Finance Officer—Lou Kujawinski; Secretaries—Carla Bermudez and Sandy Falloon.

Leaders: Lou Kujawinski 535; Tim Von Englen 13 (MH); Sandy Falloon 178; Cindy Stone 155; Cindy Burlison 203; Carla Burmudez 153 (MH); Cherry Hinderberger 361; Wendy Hofmann 278t; Penny Kujawinski 172 (MH); Dayle Dryer 464; Lori Graber 548; Stephen Huffman 344; Patti Sontag 268; Barbara Chopin 474; Anne Drexler 146; Carole Briggs 334; Mary Huffman 56 (MH); Tom Schultz 65; John Huffman 176b; Julie Thompson 63.


Patti Doss called the class back to order leading 276. Leaders: Katie Dohman “Thy Strength” (handout); John Wilkins and Wendy Hofmann 455; Dan Brittain 138 (MH); Anna Dohman and Mary Huffman 180 (MH); Presley Barker 39t (in memory of Charlie Derleth); Jubal Schultz 482; James Page 45 (MH); Roberta Strauss 228 (in memory of B.M. Smith); Paul Figura 67; Shirley Figura 348b (in memory of Charlie Derleth); Jan Ketelle 68b; Dave Ressler 475 (in memory of Brenda Soboleski); Becky Browne 411; Karen Isbell 77 (MH); Joan Aldridge 198. Cherry Hinderberger offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Stephen Huffman leading 58 (MH). Leaders: Paul Figura 127 (MH); Roberta Strauss 384 (in honor of Gary Gronau); Dan Brittain 109 (MH); Shirley Figura 499; Dayle Dryer 269; Karen Isbell 68 (MH); Tom Schultz 177 (MH); Becky Browne 147 (MH); Dave Ressler 175 (MH); Anne Drexler 277; Jan Ketelle 2 (MH); James Page 139 (MH); Meg Stauffer 547; Anna Dohman 503; Patti Sontag 87; Carole Briggs 162.


Lori Graber called the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: Lou Kujawinski 477; Jedidiah Schultz 496; Jairus Schultz 59; Julie Thompson 163b; Katie Dohman 365; Jubal Schultz 546; Mary Huffman 66; John Huffman 362; Presley Barker 99; Tim Von Englen 86; Gayle Von Englen 107; Wendy Hofmann 22 (MH); Penny Kujawinski and Dave Ressler 444; Cindy Stone 504 (in memory of her mother); Cindy Burlison 40; Carla Bermudez 360.

Following announcements, Meg Stauffer led 347 as the closing song. Cherry Hinderberger offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—-Meg Stauffer; Secretaries—Carla Bermudez and Sandy Falloon