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Mississippi State Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Forest, Mississippi

August 27-28, 2016

Saturday, August 27

The 87th session of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 81t. Arlon Gardner offered the opening prayer. Mark Davis welcomed everyone, and thanked Alfred Bailey and Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for hosting the Convention.

Leaders: John Van Horn 225t (CB), 263; Arlon Gardner 278t, 313b; Darlene Reynolds 484 (CB), 515 (CB); Hugh McGuire 487t (WB), 460; Andy Davis 297, 196; Robert Vaughn 289b (CH), 507b (CB); John Hollingsworth 186 (CB), 548 (CH); Dennis Cranford 35, 178; Tim Gray 89 (CH), 140 (CH); Mike McNeil 172 (CH), 204t (CH).


Wanda Gregg and Warren Steel called the class back to order leading 559 (CB). Leaders: Warren Steel 411; Nancy Van den Akker 319; Brian Harrison 358; Amy Armstrong Wells 112; Anne McLeod and Steven McLeod 48t; Bobby Caldwell 82 (CB); Henry McGuire 512 (WB); Zilpha Cornett 408 (CB); Samuel Wright 292 (CH); Julie Heeren 63. President Davis appointed Henry McGuire, Hugh McGuire, and Colvin Mann to the Business and Credentials Committee. Tim Gray offered the prayer to bless the lunch.


Mark Davis brought the class back to order by leading 270. Leaders: Regina Derstine and Jamira Jackson 51 (CH); Elizabeth Muhleisen 566; Mike McNeil and Sharon McNeil 143 (CH); Sister Susan Dickey 392 (CB); Esther Mann 171; Will McGuire 142 (CH); Nathan Stewart 110; Todd Derstine and Regina Derstine 154; Mark Davis 117 (CH) (by request for the people of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church); John Van Horn 284 (CH); Amy Armstrong Wells 505 (CB); Zilpha Cornett and Brittany Thompson 362; Brian Harrison and Judy Harrison 40; Samuel Wright 372b (CH).

A business meeting was held at 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of electing officers. A motion and second was made to keep the same officers as follows: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Chaplain—Arlon Gardner; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds. Mark Davis led 236.


Leaders: John Van Horn 282; Sandy Fortenberry and Regina Derstine 388; Elizabeth Muhleisen 503; Julie Hereen 32t; Warren Steel 278b; Nancy Van den Akker 54t (CB); Sister Susan Dickey 59.

Announcements were made. Mark Davis, Hugh McGuire, and Henry McGuire led the Drone. Arlon Gardner offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, August 28

The Sunday session of the Mississippi State Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 37b. Nathan Stewart offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Mark Davis 73t; John Van Horn 179, 201; Arlon Gardner 481, 448t; Darlene Reynolds and Bentley Rose 354b, 282; Nathan Stewart 225t, 546; Nancy Van den Akker 569b, 318; Amy Armstrong Wells 182 (CB), 393 (CB); Wanda Gregg 573 (CB), 460; Lisa Geist 527, 273; Amber Davis 440, 500; Mike McNeil 522 (CB), 176 (CH). Mark Davis appointed John Hollingsworth and Mike McNeil as the Memorial Committee. Wanda Gregg and Nancy Van den Akker were appointed as the Resolutions Committee.


Leaders: Mark Davis 154b (WB); Caleb Jones, Brad Taylor, and Mike McNeil 175 (CH); Hugh McGuire 138 (CH), 521 (CH); Jane Armstrong 109 (CH), 108b; Henry McGuire 30b, 514 (WB); Will McGuire 63, 111b; Ben Fink 392 (CB), 582 (CB).

John Hollingsworth and Mike McNeil conducted the memorial lesson. The following sick and shut-ins were honored: Benjamin Smith, Billie Margaret Gardner, Stites Gardner, Alice McGuire, Roy Davis, and Laura Densmore. They led 341 (CH).

The following deceased were remembered: Charles Porter and Henry Reynolds—Mississippi; Loretta Rigdon, Gary Smith, Nancy Cassandra Kenfield—Alabama; Ruth Redmon—Texas; Earlis McGraw—Georgia; Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania; Janelle Davis—Illinois. John Hollingsworth and Mike McNeil led 489 and 25t (CH). Arlon Gardner closed the memorial service with prayer. Nathan Stewart asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Leaders: Mike McNeil 214 (CH); Anne McLeod and Steven McLeod 312b; Regina Derstine and Jamira Jackson 45t, 280 (CH); Regina Derstine and Todd Derstine 181, 361; Mark Davis 147t; Lisa Geist 269; Amber Davis 215; Nathan Stewart 444; Nancy Van den Akker 180 (CH); Wanda Gregg 85; Hugh McGuire 587 (CB); Mike McNeil, Sharon McNeil, Caleb Jones, and Brad Taylor 248 (CH); Ben Fink 438; Henry McGuire 492 (WB); Jane Armstrong 107 (CH); Amy Armstrong Wells and Connie Ross 76b; Arlon Gardner 216t (CH).

In a business session, the Business and Credentials Committee reported a total of $525.00 collected, and disbursements as follows: $350.00 to Antioch Primitive Baptist Church; $160.00 to Radio Broadcast Houston, MS; $30.00 to minutes; $250.00 to Camp Fasola.

The report from the Resolutions Committee as follows: Thanks to Alfred Bailey and the members of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for use of the church; Thanks to the singers from several states, officers, those who brought food, and those who prepared the food on the table. We thank God first and foremost for the gift of music and our ability to sing. We also thank Him for beautiful weather. The business meeting was closed.

Announcements were made. Mark Davis, Henry McGuire, and Hugh McGuire led the Drone. The closing prayer was offered by Mike McNeil.

President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds