Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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June Singing

Alpharetta Municipal Building, Alpharetta, Georgia

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The 148th annual session of the June Singing was held on the second Sunday in June at the Alpharetta Municipal Building. Faye Holbrook called the class to order leading 34b. Cecil Roberts offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Faye Holbrook 111b; Janice Paulk 32t, 392; Helen Bryson 101b, 217; John Plunkett 49b, 207; Mike Castleberry 512, 76b; Rene Greene 300, 351; Charlene Wallace 155; Rachel Carlisle 137, 145t; Tony Hammock 61, 303; Robert Chambless 225t, 86; Dan Bailey 569b, 66.


Faye Holbrook and Mary Lee of the Alpharetta Historical Society called the class to order leading 67. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 285t, 348b; Ross Williams 31t, 282; Cecil Roberts 89, 163b; Judy Chambless 472, 318.

Malinda Snow conducted the memorial lesson. She spoke of how the Sacred Harp family is one of choice. As family we look forward to seeing each other, we know each other’s favorite dishes and favorite songs. We feel uplifted. And we provide a lifetime of resources for each other such as cards, phone calls, prayers, visits to homes, food prepared; whatever we can. We should also remember that some may be hearing the singing for the first time, but some may be hearing the singing for the last time.

Malinda led 72b for the following sick and shut-ins: Lucy Garner, James Hughes, Janelle Davis, and Jack Paulk.

Malinda led 91 in memory of the following deceased: Earlis McGraw, George Garner, Sarah Samples, Bernice Steadman Thompson, and Curtis Hamrick—Georgia; Elder Neal Prichard, Nellie Mae White, Evelyn Harris, and Hester Edwards—Alabama; Lewis Bennett and Betty Jo Bennett—South Carolina. Cecil Roberts closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Virginia Dyer called the class to order leading 78 and 361 (for survivors and families of the Orlando shooting). Leaders: Malinda Snow 284, 510; Donna Bell 99, 119; Winfred Kerr 68b, 146: Dalton Dyer 28b, 354b; Richard DeLong 399b, 421; Lisa Bennett 505 (for Earlis McGraw), 107 (for Janelle Davis); David Smead 50b (in memory of Raymond Hamrick), 354t; Judy Mincey 489, 191; Andy Morse 176b, 168; Janice Paulk 384; Faye Holbrook 380; Helen Bryson 313b; Mike Castleberry 344; Rene Greene 294.


A business session was conducted. The class voted to keep the same officers as follows: Chairman—Faye Holbrook; Vice Chairman—Janice Paulk; Secretary—Helen Bryson. Singers were encouraged to be thinking about the 150th session of the June Singing, and how it can be promoted in Alpharetta and among other singings.

Leaders: Tony Hammock 283; Oscar McGuire 276;, Cecil Roberts 229; Andy Morse 540; Malinda Snow 556; Judy Mincey 101t; Lisa Bennett 474; David Smead 485.

Announcements were made. Faye Holbrook led 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Cecil Roberts.

Chairman—Faye Holbrook; Vice Chairman—Janice Paulk; Secretary—Helen Bryson