Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Washington Sacred Harp Singing

Washington United Methodist Church, Washington, Arkansas

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Robert Vaughn made the opening remarks and talked about plain tunes, and then led 49t (CB). Dan Brittain spoke about tune names and fuguing tunes, and then led 36b (CB). Gaylon Powell spoke about anthems, and then led 239 (CB).

A business session was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Robert Vaughn; Vice Chairman—B.R. Black; Secretary—Katy Black; Chaplain—Rev. Keenan Williams; Arranging Officer—Gaylon Powell.

Rev. Williams welcomed the class, and stated that this church is the oldest Methodist church in Arkansas under continuous appointment since 1820. He spoke of the history in this area, and offered prayer.

Leaders: Robert Vaughn 40 (CB); Katy Black 472, 384; Andrew Albers 452, 95; Will Sims 47b, 178; Waymon Minor 54t (CB), 314 (CB); Eddie Huckaby 276, 49b.


Robert Vaughn called the class back to order leading 109. Leaders: Sonya Kirkham 559 (CB), 475 (CB); Chris Nicholson 293b (CB), 264t (CB); Kristie Powell 86, 277; Peggy Ray 569b, 143; Dan Brittain 345b, 278b; Gaylon Powell 350, 271t; Katy Black 107, 217; Andrew Albers 292b (CB), 401 (CB); Will Sims 587 (CB), 71; Waymon Minor 269, 195.


Robert Vaughn called the class back to order leading 95b (CB). Leaders: Eddie Huckaby 448b, 504; Sonya Kirkham 30t, 99; Chris Nicholson 490, 290; Peggy Ray 573 (CB), 507b (CB); Kristie Powell 138t (CB), 514 (CB); Dan Brittain 417, 43; Gaylon Powell 372 (CB), 484 (CB); Katy Black 313b; Andrew Albers 267b (CB). Announcements were made. A singing school may be planned for next year.

Leaders: Robert Vaughn 82 (CB); Will Sims 125 (CB); Waymon Minor 280; Eddie Huckaby 209; Kristie Powell 45t; Sonya Kirkham 268t (CB); Chris Nicholson 81b; Peggy Ray 67; Dan Brittain 315 (CB); Gaylon Powell 543.

Robert Vaughn and Keenan Williams led 535 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Rev. Keenan Williams.

Chairman—Robert Vaughn; Vice Chairman—B.R. Black; Secretary—Katy Black