Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oldham Sacred Harp Singing Day

Oldham Baptist Church, Oldham, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Oldham Baptist Church was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in February. The class was called to order by Hannah Land, who welcomed everyone and led 59. She then offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Hannah Land 75; Vicki Elliott 82b; Chris Brown 88t; Michael Walker 88b; Calum Woods 36b; Geoff Grainger 535; Richard Mayers 26; Ruth Steggles 33b; Mark Wardlow 354t; Martyn Boddy 39t; Judy Whiting 105; Ted Brown 101t; Michael Walker 373; Hannah Land 198; Vicki Elliott 183; Chris Brown 460; Mark Wardlow 545; Calum Woods 512; Richard Mayers 312b; Geoff Grainger 163b; Ted Brown 225t.


Vicki Elliott called the class to order leading 32t. Leaders: Penny Higgins 77t; Martyn Boddy 66; Julie Russell 178; Judy Whiting 318.

Simon Wright conducted the memorial lesson. Hannah Land and Simon Wright led 448b in honor of the deceased and the sick and housebound.

Simon Wright closed the memorial service with a prayer.

Leaders: Calum Woods 312t; Michael Faulkner 268; RIchard Mayers 280; Rosalind Woods 354b; Michael Walker 462; Mark Wardlow 416; Ruth Steggles 454; Chris Brown 473; Geoff Grainger 143; Julie Russell 472; Calum Woods 187. Michael Walker led the grace.


Leaders: Judy Whiting 47t; Penny Higgins 122; Michael Faulkner 403; Hannah Land 209; Richard Mayers 361; Ruth Steggles 148; Martyn Boddy 455; Vicki Elliott 273; Michael Walker 207; Chris Brown 401; Julie Russell 171; Geoff Grainger 523; Penny Higgins 107; Judy Whiting 150; Ruth Steggles 128; Michael Faulkner 86; Rosalind Woods 49t; Vicki Elliott 192; Colin Higgins 296; Calum Woods 168; Hannah Land 392; Michael Walker 528; Julie Russell 89.


Leaders: Calum Woods 426t; Michael Walker 230; Julie Russell, Penny Higgins, and the children 159; Chris Brown 341; Martyn Boddy 566; Rosalind Woods 162; Colin Higgins 163t; Geoff Grainger 274t; Michael Faulkner 228; Richard Mayers 32b.

Hannah Land led 62 as the closing song. Calum Woods offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed by Hannah Land.

Chairman—Hannah Land; Secretaries—Chris Brown and Calum Woods