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Feast and FaSoLa

Home of Mark and Lori Graber, Delavan, Illinois

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The annual Feast and FaSoLa Singing held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in January was called to order by Lori Graber leading 56t. Mark Graber offered the opening prayer, and then led 59.

Leaders: Paul Figura 124; John Huffman 569t; Dave Ressler 385t; Terry Hogg 145 (MH); Don Bardsley 85 (MH); Anne Drexler 87; Shirley Figura 99; Jonathon Smith 131b; Presley Barker 131 (MH); Mary Huffman 34t; Janet Fraembs 56b; Mary Yeomans 159; Peggy Brayfield 73 (t? b?); Barbara Chopin 313t; Karen Isbell 522.


Lori Graber called the class back to order leading 318. Leaders: Rebecca Browne 380; Mark Graber 86; Paul Figura “Webster Groves”; John Huffman 446; Dave Ressler 350; Terry Hogg 135 (MH); Don Bardsley 138 (MH); Shirley Figura 136t; Anne Drexler 282; Ryan Hill 4 (MH); Jonathon Smith 391; Presley Barker 147 (MH); Mary Huffman “St. Louis”; Janet Fraembs 532; Mary Yeomans 28b; Peggy Brayfield 34 (MH); Barbara Chopin 135; Rebecca Browne 272. Dave Ressler led the class in singing 164 (MH) for table grace, followed by a prayer by John Huffman.


The afternoon session began with Lori Graber leading 334. Leaders: Karen Isbell 444; Mark Graber 40; Paul Figura 19 (MH); John Huffman 327; Dave Ressler 70 (MH); Ryan Hill 338; Don Bardsley 441; Terry Hogg 142 (MH); Shirley Figura 276; Anne Drexler 335; Mary Yeomans 128; Jonathon Smith 187; Presley Barker 2 (MH); Mary Huffman 48t; Janet Fraembs 186; Peggy Brayfield 254; Barbara Chopin 503; Rebecca Browne 80 (MH); Karen Isbell 77 (MH).


Lori Graber led 564. Leaders: Mark Graber 127 (MH); Paul Figura 30t; John Huffman 39b; Terry Hogg 162 (MH); Dave Ressler 213t; Ryan Hill 49t; Don Bardsley 49b; Anne Drexler 277; Shirley Figura 30b; Mary Yeomans 68b; Jonathon Smith 296; Presley Barker 472; Mary Huffman 37b; Janet Fraembs 378t.

Lori Graber thanked all who came, and the class thanked the Grabers for their excellent hospitality for yet another year. The class sang 347 as the final song. Don Bardsley offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Lori Graber; Secretary—Janet Fraembs