Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Indiana State Fair Singing

Pioneer Village at the Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Brad Bahler and John Hoerr called the 12th annual Indiana State Fair Singing to order by leading 32t. Adrian Eldridge offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: James Eldridge 108t; Adrian Eldridge 30b; Samuel Sommers 208; Robert Bahler 33b; John Bahler 276; John Hoerr 440; Janelle Davis and Susan Murphy 29t; Nate Zweig 146; Wayne Dell and Peter Evans 45t; Ruth Dolby and Todd Gable 277; Barbara Lund 384; Karen Bahler 128; Virginia Eldridge 318; Holly Austin and Dominick Austin 168; Brad Bahler 192; Katherine Eldridge 56b; Ray Rechenberg and Thea Smith 209; Ray Rechenberg 480; James Eldridge 540; John Bahler 196; Adrian Eldridge 150; Samuel Sommers 426t; Robert Bahler 332; Janelle Davis 448t; John Hoerr 282; Wayne Dell and Susan Murphy 47b; Pete Evans and Wayne Dell 49b; Randy West and John Hoerr 163b; Ruth Dolby 350; Barbara Lund 178; Karen Bahler 40; Virginia Eldridge 46; Katherine Eldridge 323b; Holly Austin 515; Brad Bahler 551; Rebecca Eldridge and Hayden Wolf 108b; Ray Rechenberg 203.

Brad Bahler, John Hoerr, Adrian Eldridge, and Samuel Sommers led 62 as the class took the parting hand. The session was closed with prayer offered by Adrian Eldridge.

Co-chairmen—Brad Bahler and John Hoerr; Chaplain—Adrian Eldridge; Secretary—Samuel Sommers