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Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing

Warren Wilson College, Asheville, North Carolina

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing was held in Morris Pavilion, Warren Wilson College, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July in conjunction with Old Time Music and Dance Week. Sarah Kehrberg was Acting Chairman in the absence of Jane Spencer. Singers were greeted by Ron Pen, who led 73b, and then offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: David Wilson 178; Kevin Kehrberg 155; Dave Farmer 282; Sarah Kehrberg 86; Mary Baumeister 28t; Chris Wilhelm 87; Robert Kelley 455; Diane Eskenasy 180; Michael Spencer 354t; Myfanwy Godfrey and Michael Spencer 277; Tom Dillon 569b; Lynda Hambourger 29t; Ron Pen 146; David Wilson 163b; Kevin Kehrberg 268; Dave Farmer 148; Sarah Kehrberg 472; Mary Baumeister 225t (in memory of Robert DuPree).


The class was brought together by Chris Wilhelm leading 485. Leaders: Robert Kelley 338; Diane Eskenasy 181; Michael Spencer 278t; Tom Dillon 446; Lynda Hambourger 300; Jeff Hamilton 410t; Madeline Wadley and Ron Pen 340; Ellie Snyder 344.

The following lessons were from The Christian Harmony. Leaders: Dorothy Lane 109 (CH); Ron Pen 117 (CH); David Wilson 180 (CH); Kevin Kehrberg 248 (CH). Kevin returned thanks before the noon meal.


Upcoming singings were announced. Ron Pen thanked our host, Warren Wilson College, and all who had contributed to the singing and bountiful dinner. He stated that current officers would be continued for the 2016 singing.

Leaders: Ron Pen and Milt Crotts 78b (CH); Mary Baumeister 491 (CH); Robert Kelley 488 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 64 (CH); Diane Eskenasy 51 (CH); Michael Spencer 493b (CH); Sarah Kehrberg 165 (CH); Dorothy Lane 249 (CH); Jonathon Gaylord 24t (CH); Lynda Hambourger 184 (CH); Dave Farmer 458 (CH); Tom Dillon 339 (CH); Ron Pen 87 (CH); David Wilson 67b (CH); Kevin Kehrberg 235 (CH); Mary Baumeister 455b (CH); Robert Kelley 255 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 294 (CH) (for David and Leslie Booher); Diane Eskenasy 89 (CH); Michael Spencer 465t (CH); Sarah Kehrberg and Mandy Rose 88 (CH); Dorothy Lane 327 (CH).


The class led lessons from The Southern Harmony. Leaders: Jonathon Gaylord 193t (SoH); Lynda Hambourger 46 (SoH); Dave Farmer 109 (SoH); Ron Pen 19b (SoH); Kevin Kehrberg 56 (SoH); Mary Baumeister 148 (SoH); Robert Kelley 145 (SoH); Chris Wilhelm 125 (SoH); Michael Spencer 41 (SoH); Sarah Kehrberg 16 (SoH); Ellie Snyder 49 (SoH).

In conclusion, the officers led 267 as the closing song. Ron Pen offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Acting Chairman—Sarah Kehrberg; Vice Chairman—Ron Pen; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm