Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Aldridge Memorial

Johnson School House, Fayette County, Alabama

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The annual Aldridge Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held at Johnson School House on the second Sunday in June. Elene Stovall welcomed everyone, and then led 36b. Danny Creel offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were previously elected or appointed to serve: Co-chairmen—Elene Stovall and Joan Aldridge; Secretary—Ann Jett; Arranging Officer—Elene Stovall.

Leaders: Elene Stovall 172; Joan Aldridge 49t; Steve Helwig 28b; Darrell Swarens 29t (in memory of Robert Aldridge and D.M. Aldridge); Richard Mauldin 143; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 276; Don Keeton 61; Loretta Whitman 75; Ann Fox 354b; Steve Adams 99; Virginia Eldridge 106; Douglas Fower 203; Betty Baccus 134; Paul Figura 123b; Charlotte Ehrman 480; Seth Holloway 388; Linda Sides 182; Chuck Howell 112; Gaea Singer 312b; Earl Ballinger 313t.


Bridgett Hill Kennedy led 82t to bring the class together. Leaders: Frank Griggs 315; Judy Whiting 212; Shirley Tidwell 457; Donna Carlson 178; James Eldridge 111b; Laura McMurray 512; Idy Kiser 32t; Anne Drexler 277; Richard Schmeidler 475; Catherine Brown 313b; Shirley Figura 361; Roberta Strauss 269; Chris Brown 569t; Janelle Davis 421; Elene Stovall and Elaena Gardner 440.


The class was brought back to order by Joan Aldridge leading 166. Leaders: Lori Graber 464; Dan Brittain 302; Frances Miller 540; Gravis Ballinger 120; Gillian Inksetter 202; Katherine Eldridge 387; Willodean Barton 454; Chris Ballinger 344; Wanda Capps 299; Judy Caudle 422; Lucy Heidorn 155.


The afternoon session began with Darrell Swarens leading 84. Leaders: Lisa Geist 215; Danny Creel 428; Ann Jett 546; Larry Ballinger 218; Sue Peters and Steve Helwig 506; Steve Helwig 528; Allison Davis and Gresham Davis 373; Chris Brown and Judy Whiting 176t; Betty Baccus and Larry Ballinger 294 (by request); Elene Stovall and Irene Killingsworth 318; Charlotte Ehrman 486; Dan Brittain 458; Catherine Brown 569b; Roberta Strauss 384 (for Gary Gronau and Becky Browne); Paul Figura and Shirley Figura 335; Lori Graber 77t; Virginia Eldridge, James Eldridge, and Katherine Eldridge 568; Frank Griggs 372; Gillian Inksetter 217; Idy Kiser 108b; Donna Carlson 163b; Anne Drexler 87; Douglas Fower 142; Lucy Heidorn 146; Richard Schmeidler 66; Janelle Davis and Darrell Swarens 268; Frances Miller 49b; Gaea Singer 74b; Ann Fox 45t; Judy Caudle 345b; Chris Ballinger and Lisa Geist 270; Danny Creel, Ann Jett, Wanda Capps, and Linda Sides 530 (for Ottis Sides); Chuck Howell 127; Richard Mauldin 446; Loretta Whitman and Steve Adams 378t; Darrell Swarens 275b (in memory of Harrison and Flarce Creel).

Announcements were made. Elene Stovall, Joan Aldridge, and Bridgett Hill Kennedy led 46 as the closing song. Earl Ballinger dismissed the class with prayer.

Co-chairmen—Elene Stovall and Joan Aldridge; Secretary—Ann Jett