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Northeast Missouri Memorial Day Singing

Old Paths Bible Church (Siloam Church), Pike County, Missouri

Monday, May 25, 2015

The 4th annual Memorial Day Sacred Harp singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Dan Brittain leading 13 (G). Presley Barker offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Becky Browne 474; Penny Kujawinski 172 (MH); Elizabeth Schultz 503; Clara Herr 27; Barbara Uhlemann 62 (G); Emerald O’Brien 106; Becca Gibson 85; Daniel Gray 497; Presley Barker 131t; Wendy Hoffman 109 (MH); Mary Huffman 297; Anna Doughman and Nathan Berry 40; Evangeline Schultz 177; Jenny Whitman 86; Mort Whitman 143; Donnie Simmet 39b; Anne Drexler 277.


Leaders: Shirley Figura 19 (MH); Stephen Huffman 354t; Charlie Derleth 39t (as a memorial for student, Lisa, who joined the Air Force and was killed in a roadside bombing); Tommy Schultz 163t; John Uhlemann 528; Marcus Whitman 157; Dave Ressler 377; Roberta Strauss 209; Jim Herr 475; Jubal Schultz 67; Wayne Smith 66; Donna Schultz 180 (MH); Jedidiah Schultz 284; Paul Figura “Webster Groves” (by Elder R.L. Vaughn). Bro. Gary Huffman entreated the Lord’s blessing for the noon meal.


Mr. Tivey led 99 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Lou Kujawinski 350; John Huffman and Anna Doughman 351; Dan Brittain 167 (MH); Becky Browne 384; Evangeline Schultz 454; Katie Doughman 45t; Elizabeth Schultz 146; Clara Herr 564; Emerald O’Brien 496; Penny Kujawinski 215; Marilyn Huffman and John Huffman 178; Daniel Gray 542; Jenny Whitman 236; Presley Barker 147 (MH); Becca Gibson 306; Wendy Hoffman 175 (MH); Nathan Schultz and Nathan Berry 168; Mort Whitman 75; Charlie Derleth 348b.


Leaders: Anne Drexler 87; Roberta Strauss 269; Shirley Figura 155; Mary Huffman and Miss Doughman “St. Louis” (by Elder R.L. Vaughn); Jim Herr 440; John Uhlemann 445; Dave Ressler 547; Stephen Huffman “Dabney” (his own composition); Donnie Simmet 312t; Marcus Whitman 24 (t? b?); Wayne Smith 113; Jubal Schultz 147t; Tommy Schultz 89; Lou Kujawinski 53; John Huffman, Katie Doughman, and Alisha Nelson 448t; Tivey 49t; Paul Figura 153 (in honor of John and Loraine Bayer); Miss Nelson 34b; Emerald O’Brien 268; Becky Browne 192; Clara Herr 29t; Penny Kujawinski 83t; Evangeline Schultz 65 (MH); Elizabeth Schultz 142; Barbara Uhlemann 203; Marilyn Huffman and John Huffman 313t; Evangeline Schultz and Katie Doughman 312b; Wendy Hoffman 159 (MH); Jenny Whitman 22 (MH); Presley Barker 344; Nathan Berry 111t.

Announcements were made. Tommy Schultz thanked everyone who came, and led 347 as the closing song. Jim Herr dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Tommy Schultz; Secretary—Evangeline Schultz