Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Plymouth/East Sandwich Singing

East Sandwich Friends Meeting House, East Sandwich, Massachusetts

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The annual Plymouth/East Sandwich All-Day Singing met at the East Sandwich Friends Meeting House on Saturday before the second Sunday in February. Liz Cantrell greeted the class and opened the morning session by leading 32t. Alvaro Witt Duarte offered the opening prayer, reading Psalm 113 in thanks for creating praises together.

Ben Bath taught a singing school for new singers, covering the basics of melody, the moods of time, and accent. He also discussed the syncope, a rhythmic variation on the rule taught in rudiments sections previous to that of the 1911 James Edition, and occurring in 376 and other songs.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Chuck Micciche; Vice Chairman—Liz Cantrell; Secretary—Willis McCumber; Treasurer—John Travers; Chaplain—Alvaro Witt Duarte; Arranging Committee—Lynne deBenedette and Laura Hodges.


Leaders: Chuck Micciche 68b; Liz Cantrell 52t; Willis McCumber 31t; Lynne deBenedette 36b; Laura Hodges 272; Chris Noren 503; John Hughes 268; Pat Callahan 300; Patrick Friesen 480; Eric Hildebrant 236; Alvaro Witt Duarte 384; John Travers 128; Keillor Mose 284; Jesse Polhemus 377; Noah Augustine and Willis McCumber 229; Mary Skidmore 428; Leon Pulsinelle 528; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 182; George Pomfret 299; Emily Hancock 198; Charles Biada 141. Chuck Micciche welcomed everyone, and announced that a tour of the historic Meeting House would be held during the noon recess. Liz Cantrell offered the blessing before lunch.


Alvaro Witt Duarte brought the first afternoon session to order leading 59. Leaders: Ian Quinn 411 (for Paula Picton); Elizabeth Stoddard 422; Mason Shefa 418; Chris Coughlin 29t; Bill Holt 430; Joanne Fuller 500; Ben Bath 396; Peter Golden 131t; Ines Luttgen 279; Aldo Ceresa 522; Philippa Stoddard 320; Chris Holley 348b; Sarah Underhill 155; Chris Noren 378t; Robert Stoddard 88t; Pat Callahan 269; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 71; Emily Hancock 112; Liz Cantrell 203 (for Joanna Lieberman); Laura Hodges 142; Leon Pulsinelle 354t; George Pomfret 556; Keillor Mose 58; Charles Biada 47t.


Leon Pulsinelle called the class to order leading 40. Leaders: Willis McCumber 434; Ines Luttgen 419; Jesse Polhemus 351; Mary Skidmore 192; Eric Hildebrant 551; Philippa Stoddard 534; Chris Coughlin 73t; Patrick Friesen 318; Sarah Underhill 74b; Ian Quinn 234; Chuck Micciche 408; Aldo Ceresa 417; Bill Holt 550; Elizabeth Stoddard 569b (for Susan Williams); John Travers 455; Chris Holley 33t (for John Van Sorosin); Joanne Fuller 460; Ben Bath 477; Peter Golden 89; Mason Shefa 323t; Robert Stoddard 313b.

The Treasurer reported that expenses were met. The Secretary’s report notes that 61 singers from 7 states registered, and that 35 leaders led 69 songs. Following announcements, Chuck Micciche, Liz Cantrell, and Willis McCumber led 62 as the closing song. Chris Holley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chuck Micciche; Vice Chairman—Liz Cantrell; Secretary—Willis McCumber