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New York State Regional Singing

Old Songs Community Arts Center, Voorheesville, New York

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Albany area New York State Regional Singing was called to order by Tarik Wareh leading 48t. The opening prayer was offered by Allison Steel.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Tarik Wareh; Secretary—Mary Skidmore; Treasurer—Sally Langendorf; Arranging Officer—Joanne Fuller; Chaplain—Allison Schofield.

Leaders: Tarik Wareh 157; Mary Skidmore 47t; Joanne Fuller 37b; Pattie Wareh 72b; Jean Seiler 87; MaryAnn Morrison 479; Faiz Wareh 547; Patricia Geritz 34b; Sally Langendorf 176b; Ron Bornick 178; James Ulrich 276; Allison Steel 105; Margaret Bornick 212; Cora Wareh 127.


The class was called back together by Eileen Metzger leading 31t. Leaders: Jeremy Galvagni 300; Rebecca Blumenthal 448t; Linda Shea 318; Dev Crasta 277; Carol Huang 399b; Angharad Davis 314; Thom Metzger 115; Jason Steidl 384; Paula Picton 498; Emma Brown 49t; Dennis Leipold 52t; Gwen Gethner 58; Colin Duggan 89; Eileen Metzger 383; Sally Langendorf 68b; Bill Holt 270; Sadhbh O’Flynn and Donel O’Flynn 53.


Angharad Davis led 111b to call the class to order. Leaders: Claudia Smigelski 101t; Crystal Burnham 448b; Wendy Sibbison 99; Ben Bath 204; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 29b; James Ulrich 163b; Margaret Bornick 334; Sally Langendorf 367; Jason Steidl 162; Pattie Wareh 84; Ron Bornick 347; Cora Wareh 69t; Dev Crasta 47b; Jean Seiler 217; Faiz Wareh 444; Joanne Fuller 278t; Jeremy Galvagni 535. Grace for the noon meal was offered by Jean Seiler.


The class was called back to order by Tarik Wareh leading 32t. Leaders: Nina Zanetti 146; Dennis Leipold 500; Allison Steel 216; Carol Huang 196; Thom Metzger 269; Mary Skidmore 505; Colin Duggan 480; Emma Brown 30b; Sadhbh O’Flynn 42; Bill Holt 419; Gwen Gethner 133; Paula Picton 430; Linda Shea 328; Ben Bath 376; Eileen Metzger 182; Rebecca Blumenthal 436; Angharad Davis 97; Crystal Burnham 38b; MaryAnn Morrison 40; Patricia Geritz 143; Wendy Sibbison 475.


Thom Metzger called the class to order by leading 319. Leaders: Jason Steidl 112; Carol Huang 142; Colin Duggan 141; Bill Holt 203; Sadhbh O’Flynn 440; Gwen Gethner 344; Nina Zanetti 122; Ben Bath 73t; Jeremy Galvagni 85; Linda Shea 284; Rebecca Blumenthal 56b; Dev Crasta 148; Paula Picton 392; Emma Brown 56t.

Announcements were made. Ninety-six songs were led by thirty-six leaders. There were 57 people registered from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Ireland.

Tarik Wareh, Joanne Fuller, Mary Skidmore, and Patricia Geritz led 62 as the closing song. Sally Langendorf offered the final blessing.

Chairman—Tarik Wareh; Secretary—Mary Skidmore