Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Darien Primitive Baptist Church

Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The annual Homecoming and Sacred Harp singing was held at Darien Primitive Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday in May. Douglas Kirk welcomed everyone, and then offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Don Clark 82 (CB), 122 (CB); Jordan Whitehead 480, 143; Wendy Futral 500 (CB), 339 (CB); Judy Chambless 515 (CB), 472; Donna Bell 505 (CB), 507b (CB); Larry Wootten 63, 70t; Karen Clark 504t (CB), 358 (by request); Jack Nelson 229, 180.


A business meeting for was held for church members under the direction of Douglas Kirk. Claire Caldwell gave the Treasurer’s Report. Jeanette Welch mentioned that a deceased church member had left mementos to make a scrapbook for the church.

The class resumed singing with Karen Clark and Carol Buche singing “Far Side Banks of Jordan” (a special duet by request). Leaders: Keith Willard 38 (CB), 274t (CB); Laura Densmore 473, 142; Chris Holley 587 (CB), 336t (CB); Jenny Willard 511t (CB), 367 (CB) (by request); Kathe Pilibosian 393 (CB), 571 (CB). Kenny Whitehead offered the blessing before the noon meal at the table.


The afternoon session of singing began with Don Clark leading 573 (CB). Leaders: Guy Bankes 314 (CB), 485 (CB); Robert Chambless 563 (CB), 495; Charlotte Bishop 229 (CB) (by request), 268; Virginia Futral 566 (for Sara Nelson), 569b (for Myrlene Redmon); Carol Buche 488 (CB), 269 (CB); Wayne Cotney 484 (CB); Donna Bell 448 (CB); Larry Wootten 29t; Chris Holley 225t (CB); Kathe Pilibosian 497 (CB); Carol Buche 77t.

Announcements were made. Don Clark led 56t as the closing song. Wayne Cotney offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Don Clark; Secretary—Donna Bell