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Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing,
Spring Session

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Harrison, Arkansas

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Spring Session, was called to order by Dan Brittain leading 31b, and then he made opening remarks. Syd Caldwell offered the opening prayer.

The class kept the same officers as follows: Chairman—Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Andrew Albers; Secretary—Katy Black.

Leaders: Syd Caldwell 43; Harry Scott 42, 36b; Bill Caldwell 350, 556; Mary Huffman 313b, 86; Andrew Albers 354t, 96; Lamar Matthews 408, 156; Anita Buswell 87, 354b.


Syd Caldwell called the class back to order leading 128 and 317 (in memory of Teenie Moody). Leaders: Stephen Huffman 178, 62 (MH); Matt Bell 7 (MH), 19 (MH); John Huffman 40, 503; Alexis Walker 335, 282; Andrew Albers 547, 275t.


Bill Caldwell called the class back to order leading 217 and 480. Leaders: Harry Scott 260, 488 (CB); Dan Brittain 164 (MH).


Syd Caldwell called the class back to order by leading 142 (MH) and 121 (MH) (in honor of all St. Louis singers). Leaders: Lamar Matthews 35, 157; Mary Huffman 228, 131b; Dan Brittain, Bob McCauley, Gina McCauley, and their grandchildren 45t, 155; Andrew Albers 500 (CB), 336b (CB).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Syd Caldwell and John Huffman. Syd spoke of the deceased and led 496 and 571 (CB) in memory of the following deceased: Don Buswell and Gordon Hartrick—Arkansas; Carlene Griffin and Teenie Moody—Georgia; Jim Hearne—Missouri; Dianne Mennella—New York; Sharon Kellam—North Carolina; Mary Lou Reynolds—Tennessee; Sallie Foreman—Texas;, Mike Nunn, Lessie Reed, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Genny Whitworth, and C.T. Williams—Alabama.

John Huffman spoke for the sick and shut-ins, and read scripture. The names on the list included Bill Aplin, Vicky Aplin, Loraine Bayer, Virginia Futterall, Evelyn Harris, Rafael Harris, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, S.T. Reed, Susan Sheppard, Margaret Thacker, Floy Wilder, and Mary Ellen Wilkinson. John led two songs. Bill Caldwell closed the memorial service with prayer.


Cory Winters called the class back to order leading 112 and 268 (for B.R. and Katy Black). Leaders: Alexis Walker 424, 294; John Huffman 66; Anita Buswell and Hazel Stremer 410 (CB); Syd Caldwell 551 (by request, for Melanie Albers and Katy Black); Andrew Albers 167 (MH) (by request); The Albers family (Andrew, Melanie, Hannah, Rhoda, and Mark) 392 (CB) (in memory of John Merritt); Matt Bell 116 (MH). Syd Caldwell led a song with Michelle, Hannah, Elizabeth, Rebekah, Zilliah, and Isaiah Lawson.

Announcements were made. Dan Brittain led 62 as the closing song. Bill Caldwell offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Andrew Albers; Secretary—Katy Black