Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Sacred Sounds of Alabama Singing

Old Shelby County Courthouse, Columbiana, Alabama

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Sacred Harp singing was held following a program sponsored by the Alabama Folklife Association, and directed by Nathan Rees and Jesse P. Karlsberg. The event, “We’ll All Sing Hallelujah: Sacred Sounds of Alabama” was dedicated to the pioneering spirit of instructors and singers, who have established a foundation for the future growth of shape-note singing in Alabama, and to the commitment of individuals, communities, organizations, and scholars who continue to provide fellowship, food, and education through singing programs and events. Included in the day’s events were a reading and book signing by Buell Cobb; a presentation of folk music and oral traditions by Warren Steel; a panel discussion with Warren Steel, Bridgett Hill Kennedy, David Ivey, Bill Hogan, Buell Cobb, Judy Caudle, and moderated by Jesse P. Karlsberg.

The class was called to order by David Ivey leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Richard Mauldin. Leaders: Bill Hogan 159; Nathan Rees 65; Judy Caudle 36b; Jesse P. Karlsberg 186; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 168; Warren Steel 378b; Buell Cobb 128; Bea Aaron 112; Hubert Nall 146; Linda Thomas 345b; Sarah Beasley 340; Jack Nelson 180; Nancy Hogan 178; Jim Aaron 47b; Ann Gray 155; Stephen Smith 324; Nicole Bowman 211; Nate Green and Norma Green 63; Jim Carnes 209; Elene Stovall 440; Gaston White 66; Sharon DuPriest and James DuPriest 503; Richard Mauldin, Patricia Adair, and Summer Adair 446.


David Ivey led 319 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Ryan Bowman 163b; John Plunkett 56t; Karen Ivey 57; Ray Rechenberg 480; Elizabeth Campbell and Katie Campbell 268; Carol Duvall 207; Mary Beth Garrison and Nathan Rees 140 (for Daphene Causey); Connor Campbell 217; Joey Brackner 384; Steve Grauberger 127; Ray Rechenberg 448t; Warren Steel 134; Matt Hinton 500; Judy Caudle 564; Nicole Bowman 542; Bridgett Hill Kennedy and Karen Ivey 391; Eli Hinton 77t; Jim Carnes and Elene Stovall 436; Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan 142; Ryan Bowman 240; Jesse P. Karlsberg 285b; Gaston White 99; Richard Mauldin 43.

David Ivey led 62 as the closing song. Jack Nelson offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairmen—David Ivey and Bill Hogan; Secretary—Judy Caudle